Top 5 Free Fire tips for beginners to rush at enemy squads

Tips and tricks that players can use to rush at enemy squads in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
Tips and tricks that players can use to rush at enemy squads in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)

Free Fire gamers often choose an aggressive option when eliminating their enemies. They often rush in on enemy camps with their full squad and dream of eradicating them in the swiftest way possible.

However, rushing blindly is a significant mistake. From strategizing moves to using proper characters, beginners must note several tactics that they will have to implement to emerge victoriously.

Beginner tips and tricks to rush at enemy squads in Free Fire

1) Strategize

One of the beginners' significant mistakes while rushing at their enemies is not thinking ahead of their actions. Players must constantly strategize to get mentally prepared for the exact location of the enemy, the covers available, have a proper supply of health kits, and plan an escape in case things go south.

2) Usage of proper characters

Free Fire has a wide range of characters to choose from and players must always select the ones that have the power to determine the location of the enemy. One of the best characters for this purpose is Clu. Players can also choose Maro and Moco for yielding good results.

3) Choosing proper pets

In addition to characters, players must also choose good pets to improve their chances of survival. They must select pets who have healing abilities, like Ottero, Detective Panda, etc. Robo is the best choice as the pet helps with protection and restores a significant amount of HP.

4) Adequate weaponry

Players must only use short to medium-range guns when they plan on rushing into an enemy in Free Fire. Assault rifles and submachine guns with a high rate of damage are a good choice. They must also ensure that their gun is reloaded before rushing into the opponent.

5) Ample cover

The chances of an aggressive rush becoming sour are very likely. So beginners must always ensure that there are ample covers to hide temporarily. While hiding momentarily, they can use med kits and treatment guns to improve their health, reload their guns, or escape in case of a formidable opponent.

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