Top 5 safest landing spots with great loot in Free Fire

Players should land in these spots for good loot and safety (Image via Free Fire)
Players should land in these spots for good loot and safety (Image via Free Fire)

In order to have a successful match in Free Fire, players need to keep two basic things in mind: a safe landing spot and good loot. One without the other is of no use.

However, the issue that arises is that most "safe" landing spots have little to no loot. Meanwhile, those that do have good loot are unsafe. Despite this trade-off, there are several in-game places that are both safe drops and contain relatively good loot.

This article will showcase some of these locations across all three maps in-game. With that being said, here are some great places to land in Free Fire that are both safe and contain good loot.


Top 5 locations in Free Fire where players can safety land and find good loot

5) Foundation (Kalahari)

Although the Foundation is a mysterious place in Free Fire, it is one of the safest areas to land in-game and offers a lot of loot. However, given its layout and broken-down walls and structures, finding loot may be a bit difficult.

Players rarely rotate from this location. As a result, those who land here will have more time to loot and gear up. However, caution should be exercised as aggressive players going towards Refinery may pass through here.


4) Command Post (Kalahari)

Command Post is the perfect spot for three things in Free Fire: camping, looting, and hiding. Although the location does see some amount of action during each match, the area is still relatively safe.

Players who manage to land first are bound to get good loot. They can also easily lock down the area and begin camping for kills. Due to its closeness to the center of the map, players may be able to spend the entire match at this location.


3) Fields (Purgatory)

While this is the safest location to land in Purgatory, it is also one of the worst locations for looting in Free Fire. Having said that, players can easily find loot in nearby houses and gear up.

From this location on the map, players can lock down and pin opponents rotating from Moathouse, Ski Lodge, and Crossroads. With skilled teamwork, players can even set up a choke point at the intersection next to Brasilia.


2) Bimasakti Strip (Bermuda)

Landing in Bimasakti can be safe or dangerous depending upon the player. Given that brawling on top of the tower is popular, players could be eliminated quickly if they choose to land there.

However, for those who do the smart thing and land on the ground, they will find plenty of loot and good gear. In addition, low-health players who are left alive after the brawl on top of the tower can easily be picked off.


1) Bullseye (Bermuda)

Bullseye is by far the safest place to land in Free Fire. Although the area is rather open, the loot is good, and players can use gloo walls to defend themselves.

The only issue with landing here is the fact that enemies from Shipyard or Graveyard may try to rotate through the area looking for kills or loot. However, given that the area is mostly open terrain, players can easily take out enemies from a safe distance.


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