Top 5 tips to increase win ratio in Free Fire

Follows these five tips to increase win ratio in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Follows these five tips to increase win ratio in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Winning every match in Free Fire may not be possible, however, increasing the win ratio is not an impossible task. While it may take some time and effort, players can indeed improve their in-game scores.

While improving gameplay will take some time, it is even achievable by casual players and beginners. Here are a few tips that players should keep in mind while trying to improve their win ratio in-game.


Top 5 tips that Free Fire players should follow to increase their win ratio

5) Don't shoot, loot during the early game

Early game shootouts are entertaining in Free Fire. One player has a pistol, while the other has an assault rifle with every attachment possible. Suffice to say, the odds are never balanced.

The goal of the early game should be to loot as much as possible, and not to shoot as much as possible. Keep in mind that gearing up is more important than securing kills early on in the game.


4) Learn how to use gloo walls like a professional

What makes Free Fire stand out from other Battle Royales is the unique "Gloo Wall". This tactical item can be deployed at a moment's notice and provides good cover to players.

In addition to providing cover, professional players use gloo walls for a number of reasons. Learning how to place and use them in-game will not only help players stay alive longer, but will also make securing a Booyah easier.


3) Slow and stealthy wins the match

One of the most overlooked aspects of Free Fire is the ability of players to be stealthy. While the game does not encourage stealth gameplay to a large extent, players can indeed be stealthy in-game.

Stealth options are very limited, but players using characters like Maro in conjunction with a sniper that has a silencer attached can dominate the entire game from afar without even being spotted.


2) A good landing makes all the difference

Knowing where, when, and how to land on the different Free Fire maps should be the first thing that players learn and understand in order to increase their win ratio in-game.

Landing plays a huge role in how the match will turn out and affects everything from finding good loot to surviving till the end zone. While experienced players may often choose hot-drop locations for early game kills, newer players should avoid them and stick to more isolated locations.


1) If playing with a squad, pick good teammates

Playing as a squad in Free Fire is fun, as characters can complement each other's special ability, however, players should avoid playing with random people, or risk losing every match.

In order to secure a good win ratio while playing as a squad, players should always play with seasoned and known teammates. This way, players can formulate strategies and coordinate as a single unit in-game rather than as individual players.


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