Top 5 tips to win Solo vs Squad matches in Free Fire's Battle Royale mode

Follow these tips to win more Solo vs Squad matches in Free Fire's Battle Royale mode (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Follow these tips to win more Solo vs Squad matches in Free Fire's Battle Royale mode (Image via Garena Free Fire)
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Winning solo vs squad matches in Free Fire's Battle Royale mode is no easy task. With numerous parameters to take into consideration during each match, the outcome is less than favorable for most players.

Be that as it may, winning is not impossible as shown by many professional players. While their skill level is higher than normal players, by following a few tips the chances of securing a Booyah will increase drastically.


Top 5 tips to get a Booyah in Solo vs Squad in Free Fire's Battle Royale mode

5) Choose a good character


Depending on the playstyle, a variety of characters can be used by players attempting solo vs squads in Free Fire. For aggressive players, Chrono would be the best choice. Despite the nerfs, he is still powerful enough to take on an entire squad by himself.

Another good choice would be Dimitri or Jota. One has active healing ability while the other has passive. Although Dimitri is the better choice, having a passive ability would be a bit better under some specific circumstances.

4) Acquire good loot before looking for opponents


As with all Free Fire matches, finding good loot is of the utmost importance. Players should prioritize finding supplies before venturing out in search of opponents to fight.

Typically, players need to find a good mid-to-long-range weapon and a powerful close range weapon. Additionally, finding level three armor alongside tactical items is extremely crucial too.

3) Try to eliminate individual targets from afar


Rather than rushing in to try and attack an entire squad at once, players should focus on engaging them from afar. While this may be easier said than done, an AWM fitted with a silencer will definitely make the job easier.

Using this tactic players can take shots at opponents with little risk of being spotted on the minimap. While an elimination may depend on the player's proficiency as a sniper, a lot of damage can still be inflicted.

2) After knocking down a target, feint a rotation to attract their teammates


After successfully knocking down a target in Free Fire, players shouldn't eliminate them immediately but should instead rotate out of sight and wait. Rather than get a quick elimination, players can use a downed enemy as bait for their teammates.

Once another teammate has rushed in to revive, players can launch a surprise attack and knock down another opponent. At this point, players should eliminate the two teammates that have been knocked down and rotate out to safety.

1) Try to eliminate the team's support character first


One of the most important things to remember while engaging in solo vs squad fights in Free Fire, is to always eliminate the team's support character first, if they have any.

Removing the healer from the squad will limit their ability to recover from damage and force them to heal using medkits. Such a measure will not only force them to fall back to heal, but also to stay out of the fight to avoid being eliminated.

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