Top 7 Free Fire tips to pick the best pets for combat

Follow these tips to pick the best pets for combat in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Follow these tips to pick the best pets for combat in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Pets make a lot of difference in Free Fire. They have a variety of abilities that can be leveraged to gain an advantage. Even at base levels, their abilities can prove to be quite useful in combat.

Knowing which one to pick can become a difficult task with over a dozen pets to choose from in Free Fire. Nevertheless, by reading a few tips, players can make a more informed choice about which pet will serve them best in combat.

Here are a few tips to remember while choosing a pet in Free Fire

7) Understanding the pet's skill

Understanding the pet's ability and how to use it is crucial. It is the first step to choosing a good pet. Randomly choosing pets without knowing how to use them will be a waste.

6) Playstyle will matter when choosing a pet

Aggressive players will need different pets as compared to passive players or campers. Even though the skills of one pet may be helpful to all playstyles, specific skills will yield more benefits during a Free Fire match.

5) Ensure the pet is at max level

Always ensure that the most frequently used pet is at max level. Even though pets are useful at base level, they become more powerful after leveling up. This is a huge advantage for players during combat.

4) Based on solo or squad gameplay

Solo players can choose pets according to their playstyle or strategy. However, when playing with a squad in Free Fire, players will have to choose a pet that will benefit the squad directly or provide indirect benefits.

3) Choosing the right class of pets

Knowing which class of pets to choose is of vital importance. Several kinds range from healer to tactical support. While all pets are useful, using them correctly will make a difference.

2) Choose a pet that compliments the character's skill

Using the right pet in combination with a character's skill is very important. For example, players using DJ Alok will not gain many benefits from pets like Spirit Fox. Since DJ Alok's "Drop the Beat" ability focuses on healing, the entire point of having a healing pet is moot.

1) Avoid pets without abilities

There are a few pets in Free Fire that do not have any abilities. Even though they may look tempting, they will not prove to be of any use. Pets like Mechanical Pup and Kitty should not be chosen.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

Edited by Srijan Sen

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