Top 7 Free Fire tips to use Gloo Walls like pro players

Follow these tips to use gloo walls like pro players in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Follow these tips to use gloo walls like pro players in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
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Gloo walls are by far the best utility item in Free Fire. They can be used in numerous situations for both offense and defense. Skilled players can leverage the item to a great extent and increase survivability during a match.

Even though gloo walls are simple to use, mastering them is difficult. With so many ways to use them, learning them all can get overwhelming. Nevertheless, by following a few tips, players can learn to use them like pro players.


Master the art of using gloo walls in Free Fire properly by following these simple tips

7) Reaction time is key


Placing down a gloo wall fast is the first step towards mastering the item. This will ensure that minimal damage is taken during gunfights. Additionally, players will be able to take up defensive positions and execute peek shots.

6) Placing it at the right angle will make all the difference


Placement of the gloo wall matters a lot in Free Fire. Placing it in a bad direction can leave players exposed to incoming fire. This will also leave players unable to maneuver as they will get pinned down.

5) Trap opponents in tight places


When fighting in tight places or inside buildings, gloo walls can be used to trap opponents in place. This will give players a window of opportunity to either heal or toss grenades behind the gloo wall, killing the opponent.

4) Use it to escape from a close range gunfight


Not every close-range gunfight in Free Fire goes according to plan. Often opponents get the upper hand and players are left helpless. Even though the fight cannot be won, escaping to survive is possible with the help of gloo walls.

3) Place gloo walls down while rotating in open areas


While rotating in an open area, it's always a good idea to place gloo walls beforehand. If enemies spring an ambush, players will be able to rush to cover immediately and fight back.

2) Climb structure using gloo walls


Gloo walls allow players to scale structures that are otherwise inaccessible. This can be a huge advantage during a house rush or while trying to flank the enemy on high ground.

1) Use the 360° gloo wall trick to gain full cover


The 360° gloo wall trick is one of the most useful skills in Free Fire. Players can use it to surround themselves with a gloo wall, enabling them to heal or counter attack the enemy with ease.

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