5 reasons mechanical keyboards are better for gaming (2022)

Reputed switch brands like Cherry even produce switches rated for 100 million keystrokes (Image via Sportskeeda)
Reputed switch brands like Cherry even produce switches rated for 100 million keystrokes (Image via Sportskeeda)

Good mechanical keyboards are an essential asset to gamers. Most PC gamers primarily use keyboard and mouse as their input of choice in games like Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Just how important a mouse is, a keyboard is used to give maximum inputs in-game. Given its extensive usage, you must use a keyboard that performs well.

For gaming purposes, a mechanical keyboard is your best bet. A mechanical keyboard is a physical keyboard that uses a spring and switch mechanism. We seldom see an esports competitor play without it. Since the good old days of TVS Gold, mechanical keyboards have left their mark and will continue to do so.

This article will expand upon five reasons why mechanical keyboards should be your ideal choice for gaming.

Mechanical keyboards are the way to go

1) Durability and lifespan

What's remarkable: The more than 100 million guaranteed actuations apply to all MX Low Profile RGB produced since mid-2021 🀩 So anyone who has recently bought a keyboard with our low profile switches will benefit from the doubled lifetime πŸ’―Read more:

Extensive gaming sessions take a toll on PC peripherals, especially keyboards. You must use a durable and long-lasting keyboard that can withstand the button smashing in games like Fortnite, where you have multiple binds to build and edit.

Mechanical keyboards are supposed to be significantly more durable than other types like membranes and domed rubber. Mechanical keyboards contain keys with their independent switches.

A generic mechanical switch is rated for up to 50 million keystrokes. Reputed switch brands like Cherry even produce switches rated for 100 million keystrokes. This standard abominates the 5 million keystrokes rated for membrane and rubber dome keys.

2) Speed and responsiveness

8x faster response time5x faster actuation2x the durabilityApex Pro with Omnipoint switches ⌨️

Mechanical keyboards are known for their extreme speed and responsiveness. Actuation time measures how fast a key is registered on press. Mechanical keyboards have significantly better actuation times than other options.

Mechanical switches, on average, have an actuation time of 6ms, which is impressive in itself. Some companies like Steelseries have gone above and beyond to create a benchmark in keyboard performance. The Steelseries Apex Pro houses OmniPoint switches with an inhumane 0.7ms actuation time.

3) Tactile feedback

Fine-tuned stabilizers + tactile switches = unbeatable combo πŸ€œπŸ€›Am I right? πŸ€”βŒ¨: One 3 DayBreak by @DuckyChannel with MX RGB Clear switches

Gaming in unison while typing benefits from a little uniform feedback from the key presses. The tactile input from mechanical switches correlates to a strong muscle memory, which is the core factor towards better gameplay.

While it is true that not all mechanical switches have similarly leveled tactile feedback, some might not even have the tactile feel. But all mechanical switches do have some form of uniform feedback.

On the other hand, membrane keyboards tend to wobble and are inconsistent with feedback on key presses.

4) N-Key Rollover

K60 is built to keep up with your speed of play. Full N-key rollover and 100% anti-ghosting ensure your keypresses always register - no matter what. πŸ‘‰

N-Key Rollover is the functionality of a keyboard to identify each key press individually rather than falling flat on the PC to handle this task. The main advantage of the key rollover is that multiple keys being pressed simultaneously during gaming will be registered without fail.

Mechanical keyboards have N-key Rollover with varying capabilities. This feature makes mechanical keyboards necessary in games where multiple keypresses are required simultaneously, like Valorant and other esports titles.

5) Modularity

Mix and match (Image via Cherry MX)
Mix and match (Image via Cherry MX)

Last but not least, modularity is a highly underrated feature of keyboards. Modularity on a fundamental level extends over being able to change switches and keycaps.

If you do not like the feel of the stock switches on your keyboard, you can change them according to your individual preference. The same goes for keycaps, which can be interchanged for performance or esthetic reasons.

Membrane, rubber domes, or scissors switches lack that aspect of modularity since their keys and body are mostly soldered/ fixed to the board.

Mechanical keyboards are here to stay

Given that mechanical switches provide an advantage over traditional switches, the adoption rate is only going to rise. Also, with the rise of streaming technology, gradually, more people will start investing in new gear.

Opting for mechanical switches seems like the only logical option moving forward. On a less serious note, you also can't beat the satisfaction one feels while using a mechanical keyboard, thanks to the deep travel of switches and clicky sound.

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