Can you play Soulmask on the Steam Deck?

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Soulmask is an action adventure game (Image via CampFire Studio)

Soulmask is the latest open-world action-adventure game that is currently available for early access. Gamers have been happy with the experience so far, and they have even left "mostly positive" reviews on Steam. This title is only available for the PC, meaning you can't run it on a console. As such, one may wonder if they can play Soulmask on their Steam Deck. The answer to this question is yes. You can technically play the game on this device, as it supports Windows installations.

However, some might be curious about the compatibility issues of the title with regard to the Steam Deck. This article will talk about that and also tell you how you can play the game on this device.

Game compatibility and Proton

Steam Deck runs on SteamOS 3.0 (Image via Valve)
Steam Deck runs on SteamOS 3.0 (Image via Valve)

Steam runs on an operating system called SteamOS 3.0, which is based on Linux. It supports Windows installations, which ensures more games from various libraries can be played on it. Since all titles don't support the Linux architecture, Windows installations are sometimes necessary to run games, which is possible through the use of Proton.

This is a compatibility layer that lets Windows games operate on Linux-based systems. It is the instrument that has expanded the library of games on the Steam Deck as titles that are not compatible with Linux can still run on the device, thanks to Proton.

Playing Soulmask on Steam Deck


Soulmask is available to purchase on Steam, which is a good sign when it comes to a title's compatibility with this handheld. The device's hardware capabilities meet this title's requirements, meaning you can play it on this system. However, since the game is still in early access, it is not fully compatible with the hand. This suggests you may run into issues where you could witness unstable framerates and crashes.

However, the errors you face will likely be fixed by the developers through future updates. That said, currently, the best way to experience Soulmask is on PC since you can fall prey to performance issues on the Steam Deck.


Yes, you can run Soulmask on your Steam Deck but that is likely to come with performance issues, as reported by various players. However, the developers will probably fix them in the future as the game is still in early access. This means that while you can run the game on the Steam Deck, the title won't feel as optimized as it does on a computer.

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