GeForce RTX 3050 launch date announced, can it change the market?

Nvidia reveals RTX 3050: The new mid-range GPU that supports Ray-Tracing (Image via Nvidia)
Nvidia reveals RTX 3050: The new mid-range GPU that supports Ray-Tracing (Image via Nvidia)

Nvidia reveals the continuation of its new GPU lineup the 30-series with RTX 3050. The new GPU will take over the already existing 16-series and 10-series models. The RTX 3050 GPU is said to arrive on 27 January 2022, at the price of $269.

Last year, Nvidia shook the world with its innovation in the Graphics Processing Unit with its third generation Tensor Core, named Ampere. The new technology was introduced with Nvidia’s latest flagship graphics cards, which are 3070, 3080, and 3090.


However this year, Nvidia is taking its next step forward by bringing the technology to its mid-range GPU by releasing the new RTX 3050.

Even though the leap forward looks promising in terms of technology, gamers and consumers are facing their biggest enemies in scalpers.

Nvidia’s new mid-range RTX 3050 GPU announced

Last year has been tough for gamers all around the world because of miners and scalpers, followed by the low supply of new generation graphics cards. The latter phenomenon happened due to chip shortage.

However, with the release of RTX 3050, this problem can turn things around for better or worse.

With RTX 3050, gamers are getting an option to get their hands on a new generation graphics card that holds twice the power than the previous one. However, there is a likelihood that scalpers will be taking advantage of the current market with a low supply of graphics cards.

If Nvidia manages to supply enough amount of RTX 3050s, one can expect the tables to turn for the mid-range segment of graphics cards. Not only this, but AMD has also introduced its RX 6500 GPU, priced at $199. This has provided gamers and consumers with another alternative to Nvidia’s latest mid-range GPU.

What the future holds is still unknown, so only time can tell if the introduction of new GPUs can change the market for good.

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