How to add more storage in Steam Deck

Steam Deck
Steam Deck's storage expansion option allows gamers to keep more games installed at once (Image via Valve)

Steam Deck's global popularity keeps rising among fans as Valve makes it available in more regions. The revolutionary handheld has made a strong start to its journey and has quickly become the go-to option for many gamers. A big reason for its popularity has much to do with the number of options users get.

The USP of Valve's handheld is the ability to bring your Steam library to something that's much more portable. In essence, it does the same job as the Nintendo Switch but has several benefits due to it being the newer console. One of the most valuable additions that Valve has made is the ability for gamers to add storage.

Modern-day gaming can be pretty intensive when it comes to storage requirements. While the Steam Deck has decent internal storage, it could sometimes fall short. Thankfully, gamers can expand their console's storage and make it carry more games at once.

Steam Deck's storage expansion option allows gamers to keep more games installed at once

Steam Deck users can pick between three variants regarding internal storage. All storage options come with SSD, ensuring faster load times and speed. However, internal storage might not be enough, especially if someone wants to keep several big titles installed simultaneously.


Thankfully, increasing the available storage isn't a hard process, as Steam Deck allows external MicroSD cards. While these don't have the best speeds compared to SSDs, Valve still does a respectable job with them.

  • Once you have your MicroSD, find the slot where the card will go. This can be easily found in the outer parts of the device.
  • Put the card in the slot, and push it in gently. When inserted correctly, there will be an audible click.
  • When putting the MicroSD in its slot, the logo will face up.
  • Turn on your Steam Deck after the external storage card is inside.
  • The next step is to make it formattable for use.
  • Go to settings by pressing the Steam button.
  • Go to the system tab.
  • Click on Format SD card.
  • The Steam Deck will ask you for your approval. This process will also erase any existing data that might be there on your MicroSD card. Make sure to back it all to lose access.
  • Once you confirm, the handheld will automatically format your MicroSD card and turn it into a usable format.
  • Go back to Settings and scroll down to Storage.
  • The MicroSD card will show up here beside the internal storage.

You will now be able to install and play all your games directly from the MicroSD card. Large games are better put here due to their larger space requirements, but their loading could take slightly more time.

There are plenty of games to choose from for gamers, as this handheld device runs a variety of titles from the digital store. Users can easily find titles that are ready-made for it, as such games have a 'verified' status. Such games are expected to run efficiently on the handheld and shouldn't have any performance issues.

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