How the end of EVGA partnership will affect NVIDIA in the near future

EVGA to terminate making NVIDIA GPUs (Image via Sportskeeda)
EVGA to terminate making NVIDIA GPUs (Image via Sportskeeda)

EVGA has been one of the most reliable and faithful partners of NVIDIA. But recently, in an interview with YouTubers JayzTwoCents and Gamer Nexus, EVGA revealed their intention to end their partnership with NVIDIA.

They made this decision because of the bitter relationship between the two brands and "disrespectful treatment" from NVIDIA's side. However, the brand will not immediately terminate the partnership. They have decided to sell their current NVIDIA RTX 30 series GPUs till stocks last.


NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang has also commented on the matter. As one of the most iconic and important partnerships in the hardware industry ends, fans are left with so many questions: after terminating GPU production, what will EVGA's next focus be? Will they join hands with AMD or Intel? Finally, how is the departure of such an important partner going to affect NVIDIA?

The end of the EVGA-NVIDIA partnership and how it will affect the latter

EVGA Corporation is a hardware manufacturing brand based in Brea, California. They started their business on April 13, 1999, with NVIDIA reference design motherboards and NVIDIA GPUs. Later, they started making non-reference designs based on NVIDIA chipsets.

Initially, the brand came out as a cheap NVIDIA card manufacturer. Their first manufactured GPU was NVIDIA GeForce 2MX. They kept making NVIDIA GPUs for years as they came up with different variants including SC (Superclocked), SSC, Ultra, KO, FTW (For The Winner), and many more.

EVGA terminates relationship with NVIDIA, ceases all video card manufacturing on grounds of disrespectful treatment, among other things. Employees told they will be 'taken care of,' but we don't see how all those jobs will persist ad infinitum:…

Later, the brand also started selling customized water and air cooling solutions for NVIDIA GPUs. In 2010, it started making other PC components like gaming laptops, power supplies, air coolers, all-in-one liquid coolers, computer cases, and gaming mice.

As for the reason behind the partnership's termination, EVGA's CEO mentioned that he wants to spend more time with his family, and NVIDIA is manufacturing its own Founder Edition cards, which are cheaper than other brands and are hurting their business. He thinks that NVIDIA is not a brand worthy enough, considering the small margin of profit EVGA earns from graphics cards.

But it should be noted, at the time of the announcement, 80% of their revenue was coming from the GPUs. The CEO, Andrew Han, mentioned in the interview that NVIDIA was putting extreme pressure on their employees due to their heavy demands. Currently, Han does not have any plans to retire, sell the company, or partner with AMD and Intel.


Employees in the GPU manufacturing process will also be "taken care of." The brand is concerned about how it will affect employees' livelihoods and wants to minimize the losses. A comment from NVIDIA revealed by the popular tech evangelist Tae Kim states:

"We’ve had a great partnership with EVGA over the years and will continue to support them on our current generation of products. We wish Andrew and our friends at EVGA all the best."

Several fans were traumatized by this news, as the brand's GPUs and NVIDIA reference design motherboards were very popular in their childhood, and almost everyone has used one or several of their components. NVIDIA will also lose one of its greatest partners.

The brand has been making NVIDIA GPUs since 1999, one of the earliest NVIDIA partners. It also has a significant contribution behind popularizing video cards from the green team.

From Huan's side, it is a revolutionary move for an iconic brand in the GPU market. They will have to focus more on other components and strategize their business in the upcoming years to avoid fatal consequences in the future. The company assures its existing consumers full support in case of troubleshooting or RMA.

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