Laptop vs PC gaming: Which is better? (2022)

Laptop gaming has become popular in recent years (Image via u/ZEUS_GMJ/Reddit)
Laptop gaming has become popular in recent years (Image via u/ZEUS_GMJ/Reddit)

It is a difficult time to choose between a gaming laptop and a full-fledged PC due to how strong laptops have become in recent years. AMD and Nvidia have done a tremendous job in fitting desktop-grade components into laptops and making them just as strong as gaming PCs.

However, other factors also come into play when comparing the two gaming setups. Having a PC gives you the freedom to choose a keyboard, monitor speakers, and more, whereas owning a laptop limits you to the same components without having the freedom to change them. Upgradability is inflexible on laptops, but on PCs, you can keep upgrading parts until the latest ones become incompatible. This article will discuss which type of setup is better.

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Gaming laptops have never been better


Today's best gaming laptops have desktop-level Nvidia RTX 3080 coupled with the latest Intel 12th generation CPUs and high refresh rate screens that can easily run the most graphic-intensive games. Some manufacturers have also managed to install mechanical keyboards on their laptops, making them the perfect devices to play games on with speakers loud enough to make the experience immersive.

Desktops do triumph in terms of specifications, and the current best GPU, Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti, is not available on laptops as it is specifically designed for PCs, and PC CPUs that are re-designed for laptops perform slightly slower. Hence, even though laptops have been the strongest they have ever been, it seems that PCs will remain stronger than laptops for the foreseeable future.

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However, there is currently a GPU shortage in the market worldwide, which has caused the prices to skyrocket, making PC an expensive option. The shortage has been caused due to scalpers buying all the available stock and selling it later for a higher price. On top of that, the silicone shortage is also affecting GPU manufacturing, further increasing the price of the short supply. All of this makes buying a laptop to save money a viable choice.

On the other hand, buying a PC is a long-term investment that justifies the hectic price being paid for it. A PC will save you money over the years as you will need to buy a single product to upgrade instead of replacing the whole device. There is no way of replacing parts on a laptop that will result in a performance upgrade, other than RAM and storage device upgrades.



Both types of setups are unique and offer advantages in different areas. If you are looking for the absolute best performance while gaming, building a PC is the best choice as the components available are stronger than what a laptop has to offer.

Building a PC will cost a fortune in the current market, and peripherals will also be needed, which is something that can be avoided with a laptop. Laptops can be used for casual and competitive games while spending less than PCs, giving you an advantage of portability as well.

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