Black Friday deals: iPad Mini 2021 best price and where to buy

The iPad Mini can be picked up at a lesser price (Image via Apple)
The iPad Mini can be picked up at a discount (Image via Apple)

Those looking out for the iPad Mini 2021 edition might be in luck during the Black Friday sales, as there's an interesting offer available. The iPad Mini is popular due to its smaller size and efficient hardware. Thanks to offers during the festive period, buyers can get a better deal on the gadget.

Several products from Apple's iPad lineup have attracted hefty discounts over the last couple of weeks. This includes models released in 2022, providing an excellent opportunity for Apple enthusiasts to upgrade their devices. However, the latest Black Friday deals offer even better prices.


The 64-GB variant of the iPad Mini 2021 model is usually available for $499. This variant has better storage and some minor improvements compared to the previous generation. Additionally, the model requires Wi-Fi for connectivity.

Amazon is currently offering the iPad Mini 2021 at a 20% discount, effectively taking $100 off its listed price. This is a significant change in price, and prospective buyers should look to make the most of it.

The device might be out of stock soon due to the increased demand. However, Amazon will likely restock it and continue with the special pricing. If this doesn't happen, buyers can opt for the iPad 9th gen, which is available at an even lower price. Those with flexible budgets can buy the 2021 models of the iPad Pro or iPad Air, both of which are on discount as well.

The iPad Mini 2021 model is worth investing in, especially with the Black Friday discount

The iPad Mini 2021 model stands out due to its smaller 8.3" display, which is as crisp and sharp as possible. It remains a popular choice among students, as the smaller screen size results in a more reasonable price tag and improved portability.


The lightweight device packs a solid punch in terms of hardware since it's powered by the same A15 Bionic chip found in the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. There are two 12 MP cameras, and the one at the front supports an ultra-wide angle. Overall, the iPad Mini 2021 is a major improvement over older generations, which had far more limited capabilities in terms of camera quality.

The device remains a strong player in the tablet market due to its unique blend of size and performance. With the Black Friday offers currently available, there may not be a better time to buy it. Alternatively, the iPad Mini 2021 model also comes in a 256 GB variant, which offers significantly more storage. However, it's not part of the Black Friday deals at the moment.

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