Black Friday deals: MacBook Air best prices and where to buy

The MacBook Air model has some interesting discounts on occasion of the Black Friday sales (Image via Apple)
The MacBook Air model has some interesting discounts on occasion of the Black Friday sales (Image via Apple)

33MacBook Air remains one of the most popular devices in the flagship laptop lineup from Apple that offers a perfect blend of performance and reasonable pricing. The student community usually prefers it due to the signature Apple specs in a more budget-friendly offering

That being said, the Black Friday sale now offers an even better opportunity for prospective buyers. Thanks to the festive period, new users will be able to get the device for significantly less than what they would have to pay otherwise. With electronics being a core area for discounts, the timing has never been better for someone to get the device.


When there are no offered discounts, the MacBook Air has different variants up for lower prices than what they usually cost. This will ensure that buyers save more and get better deals. Moreover, they have different retailers to choose from to avail of these offers.

The 13.3" screen variant costs $999 under normal circumstances when there are no discounts. On the occasion of the Black Friday deals, one can pick it up at $799 across different retailers.

The offer is up on Best Buy and Amazon and will be available until stocks last. Given the nature of the discount and increased demand during the festive season, buyers should look to wrap up their transactions as soon as possible.


Those with a bigger budget can use the M2 chip, which offers better performance and efficiency. It is a decent upgrade over the previous generation, resulting in its higher cost. The M2 MacBook air costs $1200 when there are no discounts available.

Thanks to the Black Friday sale, buyers can get the device at $1050 and enjoy a flat discount of $150. This offer is available on Amazon until stocks last.

The MacBook Air on Black Friday discount is a really good deal for fans

With an eight-core CPU, the M1 MacBook Air is the perfect device for any hardcore professional. It also has a 7-core GPU and 8 GB of RAM with high clock speeds. Despite being a more budget option, the hardware on the device is quite strong.


It also comes with a handful of utility features like an HD webcam, among other things. These features are ideal for students and their requirements, especially in the age of remote learning and work. Since its release, the M1 variant has regularly received software updates on its OS to make it more efficient and stable.

The M2 version retains all the useful stuff from the previous generation and comes with a stronger chip. Apple has also beefed up the screen size by 0.3" over the previous model. Both devices will be an excellent choice for users while the Black Friday discounts are available.

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