Intel 13th gen laptop flagship Core i9 13980HX spotted with 24 cores, hits 5.6 GHz turbo clocks

The new Intel Core logo (Image via Intel)
The new Intel Core logo (Image via Intel)

Operating details about Intel's flagship laptop CPU, the Core i9 13980HX, have been recently leaked. This processor will be the world's fastest mobile processor with 24 cores and turbo frequencies hitting 5.6 GHz.

The HX line-up of laptop processors will be unveiled at CES 2023, with early leaks suggesting that the Core i9 13900HX will lead the line-up. However, Intel has introduced another tier above it that will solely rely on faster-operating frequencies to deliver more.

Team Blue will launch a bunch of new processors, including the 65W and non-K editions of Raptor Lake chips and HEDT options at the upcoming event. The laptop chips are expected to be unveiled on January 3, the first day of CES, according to recent leaks.

Alongside these processor launches, Intel will also launch its B760 and H770 motherboards at CES.

More details on the Core i9 13980HX and leaked specs

24 ядра и частота до 5,6 ГГц. Игровые ноутбуки обретут небывалую мощь с процессором-монстром Core i9-13980HX

As per the previously leaked details, the Core i9 13900HX was expected to lift the performance crown when it came to laptop chips. The high-end processor will pack a total of 24 cores and 32 threads, much like the desktop Core i9 13900K. This processor will ship with a maximum performance core turbo frequency of 5.4 GHz.

However, Intel has designed a 'Halo' chip, as per a report published on Wccftech. This processor is called the i9 13980HX and is clocked at 200 MHz higher. This step-up will be similar to the Core i9 13900KS chip, which will be 200 MHz faster than the Core i9 13900K.

Based on these leaks, it's safe to assume that the Core i9 13980HX is based on binned 13900HX chips and can naturally clock higher. Given below is a short comparison between the upcoming chip and its high-end counterpart.

Core i9 13980HXCore i9 12950HX
Core count24 (8P+16E)16 (8P+8E)
Thread count3224
Turbo clock5.6 GHz5.0 GHz

Aside from these high-end chips, the standard Raptor Lake-P line-up will be led by the Core i9 13900HK processor.

This chip has been rumored to pack 14 cores. Six of these cores will be performing 'P' cores and the remaining will be efficient 'E' cores. The chip will pack a 24 MB L3 cache and can boost up to 5.4 GHz, which is 400 MHz higher than the last-gen equivalent, the Core i9 12900HK.

All Intel Raptor Lake chips confirmed to date are listed below:

Core i9-13900HXIntel 10 / Raptor LakeRPL-HX24 (8+16)3.9 GHz5.4 GHz32 EU55W
Core i7-13700HXIntel 10 / Raptor LakeRPL-HX16 (8+8)3.7 GHz5.0 GHz32 EU55W
Core i5-13650HXIntel 10 / Raptor LakeRPL-HX14 (6+8)3.6 GHz4.9 GHz32 EU55W
Core i5-13500HXIntel 10 / Raptor LakeRPL-HX14 (6+8)3.5 GHz4.7 GHz32 EU55W
Core i3-13450HXIntel 10 / Raptor LakeRPL-HX12 (6+4)3.4 GHz4.6 GHz32 EU55W
Core i9-13900HKIntel 10 / Raptor LakeRPL-H14 (6+8)TBD5.4 GHz96 EUs45W
Core i7-13700HIntel 10 / Raptor LakeRPL-H14 (6+8)TBD5.0 GHz96 EUs45W
Core i7-13620HIntel 10 / Raptor LakeRPL-HTBDTBDTBDTBD45W
Core i5-13500HIntel 10 / Raptor LakeRPL-H12 (4+8)TBDTBDTBD45W
Core i5-13420HIntel 10 / Raptor LakeRPL-HTBDTBDTBDTBD45W
Core i7-1370PIntel 10 / Raptor LakeRPL-P14/201.9 GHz5.0 GHzTBD28W

In general, the 13th gen Raptor Lake mobile processor lineup is shaping up nicely with monstrous chips like the i9 13980HX and the equivalent HK models. Team Blue is expected to carry the laptop computing scene to a whole new level with these upcoming launches.

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