Steam Deck “Stuck on Logo/Loading Screen” bug: How to fix, possible reasons, and more

Fixing the “Stuck on Logo/Loading Screen” on the Steam Deck (Image via Steam Deck)
Fixing the “Stuck on Logo/Loading Screen” bug on the Steam Deck (Image via Steam Deck)

Over the years, Valve’s Steam Deck has grown to be one of the most sought-after handheld gaming devices in the world. While many fans hail it as the best portable gaming PC in the world, there are certain performance issues that some users have faced on the device from time to time.

A recurring bug that players have been facing with the Steam Deck is a glitch where the device gets stuck on the logo or the loading screen. The screen simply shows the loading logo without progressing any further, making it one of the more annoying issues to deal with on this device.

Fortunately, it’s an issue on the device that can be fixed by following certain steps. Today’s guide will go over some of the ways you can fix the “Stuck on Logo/Loading Screen” bug on the Steam Deck.

Fixing the “Stuck on Logo/Loading Screen” bug on the Steam Deck


Here are some methods that you can try to potentially fix the loading screen error on the Steam Deck.

1) Force restarting the device

One of the first things that you will need to do to fix the loading screen error on the device will be to force restart the Deck. To do so, you must hold down the Power button for three seconds. This should automatically restart the device and in most cases, resolve the majority of the freezing issues occurring on the device.

However, if your device doesn't restart on its own after the three-second press, then it’s likely that the issue is with the Linux-based OS. If that's the case, then you'll need to press the Power button for a full 10 seconds, performing a force shutdown on your Deck before you can restart it.

2) Rolling back to a previous OS version

The latest OS update is likely to be the cause of your Steam Deck getting stuck on the loading screen over and over again. Hence, one of the best ways to work around this problem is to roll back the OS to the previous version.

To do so, you will need to enter the BIOS mode of your device by holding the Power and Volume buttons together. After making your way to the Boot Manager section of the BIOS, you will be able to get to Steam OS, where you can select a Previous version of the software to be installed on the device.


3) Switching on Battery Storage

For the final method, you can try enabling Battery Storage on your device, which can again be accomplished by making your way into the BIOS mode of your Deck. By pressing the Volume and Power buttons together, you should be able to enter this mode and make your way into Setup Utility.

You should then access the Power Menu, where you must select Battery Storage Mode and click on Confirm to automatically shut down your Steam Deck. You'll then need to plug in your Deck charger and restart the device, which should most likely fix the loading page error.

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