Why the PS4 is not worth buying in 2022?

The console has been a hit release over the last decade (Image via Sony)
The console has been a hit release over the last decade (Image via Sony)
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Arka "Biasedguy" Sarkar

The PlayStation 4, known as the PS4, has been a marvelous device in Sony's long history in the video game sector. The Japanese tech giant cracked the code when they released their first-ever PlayStation well before the new millennium arrived. The PlayStation 4 was the latest release of the older consoles before the current generation arrived. Sony has continued to produce the older generation of consoles well into 2022, raising an important question - should a gamer get the console?


The PS4 was released in North America towards the end of 2013 and coincided with the launch of the Xbox One. Both devices were released around the same time, but Sony's product drew ahead of the competition. The release in North America was followed by releases worldwide as fans loved the work that had been done.

However, 2013 is now almost a decade back, and hardware and technology have changed in the meantime. While the console has had its fair time in glory, it's time to look elsewhere for the time being.

After years of success, gamers have a better alternative for the PS4

PS4's dominance will always remain a high point for Sony and its ambitions with video games. Not only did the console sell well, but its lifespan also coincided with massive releases as part of the first-party exclusive. Part of the credit for their performance will go to the console's hardware capabilities.

With that being said, all good things will eventually come to an end. It will be easier to find a new PS4 than the Xbox One. The main reason is the supply crunch Sony has had to face in the wake of the semiconductor chip shortage. It has decided to produce the older console to counter Xbox's dual SKU strategy. This is where the console in the discussion falls off and why it's mentioned above that consumers have a better choice.


Even in the second half of 2022, publishers and developers are still releasing their games on older-generation consoles. However, the tide has started to shift, with Gotham Knights canceling its availability on the older-generation consoles. It's also rumored that Call of Duty Warzone 2 could follow suit, and there is speculation that this trend will continue.

If someone purchases a console, they expect it to run for at least a few years. There is already a video game in 2022, which will be current-generation only. Most stakeholders in the gaming industry believe that such occurrences will only increase as developers don't want to be held back.

So is there absolutely no way I'll be able to buy Gotham Knights on Xbox One or PS4???

These consoles also offer faster loading times and the ability to switch between games effectively. Even at better renderings of the graphics, they ensure no drop in the frames and offer more per second.

One could argue that the PS4 costs less than both versions of the PS5. The latter has also suffered shortages in supplies, creating difficulties for makers and buyers alike. If one's desperate to play Sony's expansive catalog of first-party games, it will make sense to acquire the older-generation console even in 2022.


Under ideal circumstances, however, there are better options that are much more viable for investments. While supply might be an issue, it's worth the wait for the PS5 and its far superior hardware. The digital-only version costs less, which can help save gamers a few bucks.

Alternatively, the Xbox Series S is a great next-generation option at a bargain price for those who don't have a demand for Sony's exclusives. Both options offer a lot more sense.

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