Xbox's handheld console reportedly revealing soon, set to compete with Steam Deck

The Xbox Potable is closer than previously expected (Image via Microsoft)
The Xbox Potable is closer than previously expected (Image via Microsoft)

Xbox is rumored to launch a handheld console to compete against the Steam Deck, ASUS ROG Ally, and other Windows-based devices that have popped up in the last few years. This news comes on the same day as the leaks for a budget Steam gaming console that I just reported on an hour ago, which is a bit ironic.

The upcoming console is expected to be unveiled in the Xbox Games Showcase, which is scheduled for June 9. All of these details come from YouTuber eXtas1s, who has previously tipped credible information about gaming and hardware, including release dates of Hellblade 2, Lords of the Fallen in Xbox Game Pass, and more.

The Spanish video was translated by Reddit user @SkyOld5788. In the video eXtas1s also revealed that Microsoft will shadow-drop a first party title during the event. We will also get more information about this year's CoD immediately after the Xbox showcase in Call of Duty Direct. This Sunday is shaping up to be big day for video games.

What to expect from the Xbox handheld

The 1 TB Xbox Series S was the last launch from Microsoft (Image via Walmart)
The 1 TB Xbox Series S was the last launch from Microsoft (Image via Walmart)

For now, eXtas1s only expects Microsoft to tease the "Xbox Portable" at the summer event. The company has gone way too long with any hardware launches, which further supports this claim.

Not much info is out in the internet regarding the handheld, and we might be at least five to six months away from a possible launch. Reports suggest it won't be a cloud streaming device, unlike the PlayStation Portal, and you can play Xbox One or Series S games on it natively. However, we'll have to wait till the weekend for exact details.

Can the Xbox handheld compete against the Steam Deck?

The Steam Deck has set the standard for handheld consoles. It is transformed into the console to beat these days. We don't have extra information about the Xbox handheld yet. However, we can expect it to have certain strengths that can give it a upper hand.

Game Pass and the Xbox Library won't create much of a difference because both of them are also available on the Steam Deck. The only shot this console would have is extra rendering prowess.

The Deck is a bit too weak to play the latest games at comfortable framerates. It struggles in most demanding titles. This has created an opportunity that has been exploited by third-party manufacturers like Asus, MSI, and Lenovo.

An official Microsoft console with one of the latest Zen 4 APUs could change this and be a superb alternative to the Steam Deck.

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