Xbox Series X|S guide: How to use keyboard and mouse with your console

Both next-gen consoles offer support for keyboard and mouse (Image via Microsoft)
Both next-gen consoles offer support for keyboard and mouse (Image via Microsoft)
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The Xbox Series X|S has been a massive hit and has taken Microsoft to newfound heights in the battle for next-generation consoles. The two consoles, priced differently, come with different features and hardware but also have some interesting similarities.

One of the most useful elements in both consoles is the presence of KBM (keyboard and mouse) support. Enabling it is one of the easiest things to do, but users can still get confused about how it works.


Microsoft went with a dual SKU strategy to dominate the next-generation console market. While Series X is more powerful, the Series S comes at a lower price and has allowed Xbox to maintain its supply despite the global chip shortage.

While the controllers are the main input method for the Xbox Series X|S, the consoles offer flexibility to users. By supporting the keyboard and mouse, players can get the same feel they might be used to with playing on their PCs. Moreover, the additional facility is extremely helpful while playing shooting game, as some players might not be used to aiming with a controller.

Xbox Series X|S makes Keyboard and Mouse (KBM) support hassle-free with a plug-and-play approach

Both Xbox Series X|S come with several USB ports that can be used to connect different USB devices. They also allow the keyboard and mouse to connect to the consoles if a user wants to do so.

They will need to ensure that their keyboard and mouse are of the correct type and must be able to connect to the USB ports. Any other connection system will fail to materialize, and users won't be able to access the feature.


Once they have the correct peripherals, all a user will need to do is connect the devices. As mentioned above, all USB devices are set in a plug-and-play system for the Xbox Series X|S. In simpler terms, there is no need for any software or driver installation.

The overall process is similar if someone uses a wireless keyboard or mouse. In that case, the dongle that receives the connection from those peripherals will have to be slotted into the USB port. Said devices can then be used normally on consoles to play games.

One important aspect to check is the eligibility of a particular title and if they come with Keyboard and Mouse (KBM) support. Many games are yet to introduce the feature, and the devices won't work in such cases.


The controller will also be required to be connected to work on the game's main interface and home screen. Several games like Call of Duty Warzone have KBM support on the Xbox Series X|S, but players will be required to keep their controllers connected. The game will not let users sign into their accounts unless a controller is connected.

KBM support is a solid feature and works effectively in eligible games. Aside from Call of Duty Warzone, games like Fortnite also have the facility, and more and more games are implementing it. Fans will be hoping this becomes a universal feature across all games that will be published on the Xbox Series X|S in the future.

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