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5 Effective Groin Stretches You Should Do

Groin stretches are very effective in toning the adductor muscles
Groin stretches are very effective in toning the adductor muscles
Modified 01 Apr 2020
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The inner thigh muscles play a crucial role in a host of movements that you perform in your daily routine and undergo a lot of stress and strain. However, any wrong move or weak muscles in the groin area could cause severe pain and distress. It causes severe discomfort, which is easily aggravated by the improper movement of the groin muscles or simply due to a strain in the adductor muscles found in the thighs.

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Performing groin stretches on a regular basis go a long way in reducing the risk of a groin injury. Additionally, one could even perform these exercises during recovery for bettered results.

Nevertheless, while performing the groin exercises, one should take care of proper form as an improper could turn out to become counterproductive and further aggravate the distress. Beginners and casual trainers are advised to perform these stretches under expert supervision.

Let us shed some light on the five effective groin stretches that could add to your training program to strengthen the adductor muscles and relieve yourself from groin pain.

#1 Forward Lunge Stretch

Apart from working on the groin muscles, this exercise is very effective in toning a multitude of muscles in the lower body, which include the hamstrings, quads and the glutes.


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Step 1: Stand straight with your feet positioned shoulder-width apart and place your arms on the side, parallel to the body. Ensure that your torso is straight throughout the duration of the exercise.

Step 2: Take a stride of reasonable length with your left leg such that the right knee touches the floor. Keep in mind that in this position, the left thigh must be parallel to the floor and the left ankle should rest exactly below the left knee. Place your arms on the left knee to include variation in the exercise.

Step 3: Hold the position for 10 seconds and return to the initial position. Perform the same motion with the other leg to complete one rep.

Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of repetitions.

Important tip: People suffering from groin pain must avoid taking a giant forward step as it puts added strain on the inner thigh muscles.

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Published 24 Aug 2018, 00:09 IST
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