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5 Kettlebell Workouts For Men To Build Muscle

Working with kettlebells provides a host of benefits
Working with kettlebells provides a host of benefits
Modified 09 Oct 2018
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Training with free weights is very beneficial for muscle building as the exercises involving weights not only activate the target muscle group but also tone a host of other stabilization muscles for a complete body workout.

Kettlebells are special kind of weights that are used in strength training as they boast the salient features of free weights while also providing a slew of benefits. Some of them include stronger grip, better coordination and increased endurance. Hence, it is imperative that one includes kettlebell exercises as part of their training program.

Nevertheless, remember to perform necessary warm-up exercises before starting the workout to flex the muscles and improve blood circulation to the target muscle group.

Regarding the weight of the kettlebell, always train with a weight that is less than the maximum weight you can lift. The aim of any free weight exercise is to perform as many reps as you can before reaching fatigue.

Let us not wait any longer and dive in deeper and look closer at the five kettlebell workout tips that men could add to their training program to build muscle for a sculpted body.

#1 Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is one of the few exercises that tones the muscles found in both the upper and the lower body. The exercise activates the shoulders, biceps, forearms, core, glutes, hamstrings and the quads.



Step 1: Stand straight with your feet placed slightly wider than the distance between the shoulders. Secure the kettlebell with both the hands and place it in front of the hips.

Step 2: Swing the weight upwards until it is in line with the shoulders. The arms must be fully extended throughout the duration of the exercise.

Step 3: Swing it back to the initial position and ready yourself for the next rep.

Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of repetitions.

Important tip: Exercise caution while performing the swing as an improper form could lead to a serious rotator cuff injury.

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Published 09 Oct 2018, 00:55 IST
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