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5 Powerful Arm Workout With Weights To Build Stronger Arms

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Training with weights is very effective as they activate a multitude of stabilisation muscle groups along with the target muscles.

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Free weights are very effective in toning the arms

The same outline goes well with the arms. Workouts with weights are very effective in building strong and muscular arms as they not only target the biceps and triceps but also act on the shoulders and pectorals.

Here is a list of the five super effective arm exercises with weights that you could add to your workout program.

Keep a couple of pointers in mind before you start toning your arms with highly focused free weight exercises.

Do not overload the weights as it could lead to serious injuries. Beginners are advised to lift heavy weights under expert supervision.

Along with building the arms, focus on improving the shoulders and the pectorals for a complete upper body workout.

#1 Tricep Kickbacks

The tricep kickbacks are one of those beginner-level arm workouts with weights that almost every fitness enthusiast has on their training program.

As the name says, it builds those triceps while also stabilising the shoulders and biceps.



Step 1: Lean on a flat bench with your left knee, while the other leg should be planted on the ground. The back should be almost straight and parallel to the floor.

Step 2: Hold the dumbbell with your right arm. Ensure that the forearm is pointed towards the floor and makes a 90-degree angle with the upper arm. Keep the upper arms and the elbows close to the body during the entire duration of the exercise.

Step 3: With a stationary upper arm, move the dumbbell backwards until the arms are fully extended.

Step 4: Hold for a moment and return to the starting position.

Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of times. Perform the same motion on the other side to tone the other arm.

Important tip: Do not use to momentum to lower the weights and focus on a controlled motion to avoid a rotator cuff injury.

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