7 Best Exercises You Can Do to Get Slimmer Thighs

Do exercises to get slim and toned thighs. (Image via Unsplash/Alexander Jawfox)
Do exercises to get slim and toned thighs. (Image via Unsplash/Alexander Jawfox)

Slimmer thighs require a good amount of consistency and hard work. It requires an effective workout programme that helps in trimming body fat along with toning the body.

The right moves along with persistence can help you to get strong and slim thighs. These exercises will work on various angles that will tone and tighten your leg muscles effectively.

Best Exercises for Slimmer Thighs

We have rounded up seven of the best and most effective exercises for slimmer thighs that will help you get the legs of your dreams. Let's get started:

1) Bodyweight Lunges

Bodyweight lunges are an excellent exercise that can help you get slimmer thighs. Aside from toning the thighs, these lunges can also help you enhance your body balance, as you have to simultaneously work various body parts as a single unit.

Incorporating this exercise into your workout routine can also help in boosting your flexibility and body coordination. This exercise works on the hip flexors, therefore correcting poor body posture. You can add dumbbells to this exercise for an added challenge.

2) Frog Jumps

Frog jumps can help in toning the muscles and shedding the fat from your thighs, resulting in slimmer thighs. The muscles that primarily engage with frog jumps are the glutes, quads and hamstrings. This exercise can help build the strength in your lower body along with activating the hip flexors.

Additionally, frog jumps can also boost your cardiovascular health and improve overall fitness.


3) Plie Slides

Plie sides work on your inner thighs, glutes, quads and hamstrings. It can tone and tighten your inner thighs, enabling you to get slimmer thighs. Other than helping get toned thighs, plie squats can be considered good cardio or warm-up workouts that can help pump and circulate blood throughout the body.

Additionally, plie squats will prepare your joints for better movement and can be beneficial for the overall strength of the lower body.

4) Inner Thigh Raise to Plank

Inner thigh raise to plank is a dynamic exercise for slimmer thighs that can help build muscle strength and tone the thighs. It also works on deeper abdominal muscles as well as tone the hips and glutes.

This exercise can train the abductor and abs muscles, giving your body a more toned appearance. It can also strengthen the muscles and boost your overall fitness.

Including this exercise in your regular training can strengthen your core muscles, building a better balance of the core region.


5) Lunge Back Kick

A lunge back kick is an efficient cardio exercise that can provide a plethora of benefits besides helping you get slimmer thighs. This exercise can activate and strengthen the muscles of your glutes, legs and core. It helps in crushing calories and maximising body weight loss too.

Including lunge back kicks in your workout routine can also boost your stability and flexibility, allowing for better posture and everyday functional movements.

6) Scissor Power Switch

One major benefit of doing the scissor power switch is that it can boost strength and explosive power in the lower body. It also helps in toning and tightening the thighs along with improving hip mobility.

This exercise can enhance the cardiovascular and muscular endurance of the body. It improves your overall aerobic fitness and increase metabolic rate, promoting weight loss.


7) Cross Jacks

Cross jacks are a very effective exercise that specifically target the inner thigh muscles while also working on the entire body. Regularly doing this exercise can help burn a great number of calories as well as trim down body fat.

Moreover, the cross jacks can improve the cardiorespiratory fitness of the body by increasing the heart rate.

Bottom Line

The aforementioned exercises should help in trimming body weight along with toning lower body muscles. It can also enable you to get toned and slimmer thighs. However, you should start the exercises with a quick warm-up routine and finish off with stretching to avoid overstraining your leg muscles.

These exercises also entail several other benefits, including boosting overall fitness, building core stability and aerobic capacity, and more. Also, sticking with clean eating and staying hydrated throughout the day will allow you to maintain toned and slim thighs.

So, start working out today to get the legs of your dreams.

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