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7 Best Leg Workouts For Women at Home

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Have you seen models flaunt their beautiful legs that are so attractive and yet seem like a distant dream? Well no matter how jealous you feel, it is not all that difficult to get a pair of your own. Some leg workout tips can really help you get them, well - not instantly, but definitely really soon.

A woman stretching her legs
A woman stretching her legs

These exercises will not only require you to do them in isolation. You will also have to invest in your diet regime and some cardio exercises to boost your growth chart. They can be running, walking, cycling, yoga or even surfing.

So try and incorporate a 35-40 minutes long cardio exercise routine of your choice and do it 6 days a week. Other than that, add protein-rich food to your diet and kick out all the artificial sugar. Stay hydrated and drink lots of water.

Now, let us get back to the quintessential exercises, shall we?

Note: some exercises may ask you to use dumbbells. Our advice to you is, do not overdo the weights. Choose wisely so as to prevent injuries. Also, your posture is extremely crucial. Correct posture not only intensifies the workout and helps you get better results, it also makes sure that you do not hurt yourself. So pay attention to it.

#1 Squats

Sounds too common? Well, that’s because squats are extremely effective.


Step 1: Stand with your legs hip-width apart. Get hold of a dumbbell. Hold the dumbbell in both your hands and make them point to the floor. Keep your back erect and straight.

Step 2: Now, slowly bend your knees, so that you push your hips back. Squat while you do this.

Try and go as low as possible, such that your thighs are parallel to the floor. If you cannot go so low in the beginning, do not try too hard. Stay for a second and return. Do this exercise in 2 sets of 15 reps each.

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