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A Complete 30 Minute Workout To Build Lean Muscle

You could build lean muscle by practising this effective 30-minute workout routine
You could build lean muscle by practicing this effective 30-minute workout routine
Modified 22 Aug 2018, 12:46 IST
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Traditionally, performing long hours of targetted exercises is the goto method to build muscles and get in shape. However, rather than working out for longer durations, one could condense the whole workout program to just under 30 minutes and include more focused exercises to build muscles at a faster pace.

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Nevertheless, keep in mind that even 30-minute workout programs require a proper warm-up. Ensure that you pack in enough variety in your warm-up session so as to flex all the required muscles while also improving blood circulation to the target muscle group. Furthermore, beginners must perform weightlifting exercises under expert supervision.

Let us dive in deeper and look closer at the 30-minute workout plan that you could follow to build lean muscle.

#1 Seated Military Press

The seated military press is very effective in building the posterior deltoid muscles along with a host of other muscles in the upper body, which includes the forearms, biceps and the core to a lesser extent.

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Step 1: Sit on a flat bench with a straight back and plant your feet firmly on the floor. Grab the barbell with a grip slightly wider than the distance between the shoulders, and hold it just below the neck. Ensure that the palms are facing away from the body throughout the duration of the exercise.

Step 2: Gradually lift the barbell towards the ceiling until the arms are fully extended and perpendicular to the floor.

Step 3: Hold the position for a second and return to the starting position.

Perform 3 sets of the seated military press. Each set should contain 8-10 reps.

Important tip: Focus on a proper form and do not use momentum to lower the weights as it could lead to a serious injury.

#2 Chin-Ups

The chin-up is an excellent bodyweight exercise that targets the biceps with tremendous accuracy. Additionally, the exercise tones the muscles in the shoulders, triceps, forearms, back and the abdomen region.


Step 1: Stand beneath a pull-up bar and grab it with a medium grip. Ensure that the palms are facing towards the body throughout the duration of the exercise.


Step 2: Lift yourself until the chin is above the bar. Do not bend your torso while performing this motion for maximum efficiency.

Step 3: Hold the contraction for a second and return to the initial position. Do not touch the floor until you finish the exercise.

Perform 2 sets of chin-ups. Each set should contain 12-15 reps.

Important tip: Perform this exercise while wearing a weighted vest for added resistance and improved customisability.

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Published 22 Aug 2018, 00:03 IST
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