6 Best Exercises for Women with Obesity

Obesity causes a number of health problems, which is why it is important to exercise (Image via Pexels/Andres Ayrton)
Obesity causes a number of health problems, which is why it is important to exercise (Image via Pexels/Andres Ayrton)
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There is a lot of pressure on women with obesity to lose weight, not just to look better, but also for their overall health. Obesity increases the chances of chronic diseases such as heart stroke, diabetes, osteoarthritis, blood pressure, and more.

Exercise along with a balanced diet is the best way to go for women with obesity. However, it is not possible for women with obesity to jump straight into exercising. It will lead to injury and overstrain of the muscles, or put them off workouts entirely.

Thus, it is important to start slowly and gradually move towards more advanced exercises.

Here are the six best exercises that will help women with obesity lose weight and build strength in the body.

Exercises for Women with Obesity

1. Wall Push Ups


Wall push-ups are excellent starter exercises for women with obesity as they help in strengthening the body and burning decent calories. These exercises are a modified version of the standard push-ups. They provide similar benefits to standard push-ups and enable you to perform lifting exercises and strength training more effectively.

2. Stationary Bike


Stationary biking is one of the great exercises for women with obesity as it helps elevate the heart rate while burning a decent number of calories. Incorporating stationary biking into your lifestyle will also help in enhancing muscle endurance and improving the stamina of the body.

Stationary bikes also enhance your overall health of the body by improving blood sugar levels and building a stronger immune system.

3. Half Squats


Squats are one of the best exercises to boost the fitness levels of women with obesity. They effectively target several muscle groups throughout your body. Half squats are a modified version of the standard squats.

In half squats, you do not have to squat till the floor. Instead, you have to lower yourself halfway like you are going to sit in an invisible chair before rising back to the standing position.

4. Side Leg Raises


Side leg raises tend to be incredibly efficient for women with obesity as they help in improving muscle performance along with strengthening the lower body. This exercise will help to torch the fat from your legs and strengthen the hip abductor. It will provide greater stability to the body along with helping to reduce lower back pain. Furthermore, side leg raises are also good toning exercises.

5. Step Ups


Step-ups are also a good exercise for people with obesity as they help strengthen the core muscles, which leads to better stability. It also helps burn calories and will leave you sweating in no time. The step-up will significantly improve the strength and endurance of the lower body.

6. Walking


Walking is one of the best beginner exercises for women with obesity. It is a low-impact exercise that will help in burning a decent amount of calories. It will elevate your heart rate and improve your cardiovascular fitness. Walking will also help better manage conditions such as blood pressure, diabetes, and heart rate.

You can modify the walking exercise according to your fitness capacity and goals. Initially, you can start with walking and then move on to a light jog, which will increase the intensity of the exercise.

With greater stamina and muscle endurance, you can also advance towards running, which is one of the most effective forms of cardio workout.

The aforementioned exercises for women with obesity will help them burn calories and reduce weight. It is also beneficial in improving stamina and muscle endurance.

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