What is Barbara Palvin’s Diet and Exercise Routine that Helps Her Stay in Shape?

Barbara Palvin
Barbara Palvin's workout and diet plan (Photo via Instagram/realbarbarapalvin)

Barbara Palvin is a beautiful and popular Hungarian model who made her first appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2016.

In 2019, Palvin was chosen to model for the recognized and prestigious “Victoria’s Secret Angel”. Since then, she has been one of the top faces for multiple international covers and magazines, including Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, etc.

Palvin has an incredible and well-maintained body. The 29-year-old model’s workout routines and diet are tough and serious, and she leaves no stone unturned when it comes to maintaining her lean and toned physical appearance.

So, how does she maintain her body? Let’s look at the stunning Palvin’s diet plan and workout regime that she follows to keep her body in shape.

Barbara Palvin’s Diet Plan

Palvin typically follows the 80/20 diet. She eats healthy foods 80 per cent of the time, and for the remaining 20 per cent, she splurges and indulges in foods she loves.

She saves her splurges for dinners with friends or nightouts. Palvin prefers cooking and eating home-cooked foods and mostly loves to experiment with healthy protein-rich items.

A typical day for Barbara Palvin starts with a cup of coffee that gives her the energy to jumpstart her routine. For breakfast, she mainly prefers overnight oats or granola, as both options are rich in fiber, which gives her plenty of fuel for her workouts.

For lunch, she tries to focus on boosting her vegetable intake and also prefers freshly baked chicken with steamed cauliflower or broccoli on the side.

For carbs, she loves adding a small serving of sweet potato puree to her lunch. Though chicken and eggs are her go-to favorites, Palvin also likes to have fish, but that depends on what’s available in her kitchen and what she lieks to have on a particular day.

For dinners, Palvin likes to have something light and generally prefers traditional Hungarian delicacies, like goulash. She actively tries to have home-cooked food whenever possible, but she also likes to go out for drinks and burgers with friends and skips dinner entirely.

Barbara Palvin’s Workout

Surprisingly, the supermodel was not always into gyms. In fact, during the initial days of her fitness journey, she used online videos to simply work out at home. However, she understood the importance of strength training and started to work out more intensely.

Palvin’s workout routine is much stricter than her everyday diet. She works out every day of the week, even on her days off. Palvin works out with her personal fitness trainer Kirk Myers, who’s also the founder of Dogpound gym, where the supermodel works out.

Most of her workouts are focused on HIIT, as that helps her get plenty of cardio while also targeting each muscle individually. She prefers a full-body high-intensity interval training session every day to ensure her core is engaged at all times. Some of her go-to HIIT exercises include:

  • High knees
  • Jump lunges
  • Bodyweight squats
  • Jump squats
  • Plank
  • Battle ropes
  • Push-ups
  • Standing lat pull down
  • Abs lifts
  • Single leg squats on a BOSU

While preparing for an upcoming fashion show, the Victoria’s Secret Angel doubles her workouts and exercises ten times a week till she feels confident and ready for the show.

In addition to strength training, Palvin also loves pilates, as it helps her stay super lean and promotes her muscles to get sculpted by using her bodyweight.

She prefers pilates sessions three to four times a week, and most of her Pilates mat and reformer exercises usually last for two hours. Pilates mat exercises, in particular, help her maintain her fitness and keep her active even when she is traveling or working.


That was all about Barbara Palvin’s diet and exercise routine, which she follows strictly to maintain her appearance and keep her body in shape.

Surprisingly, there is no such 'out of the box” strategy she follows. She relies on simple foods and consistent workouts on an usual day. That's proof that anyone can achieve the body of their dreams, but you have to be consistent and disciplined towards your goals to do so.

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