What Is Celeb Trainer Gunnar Peterson’s Workout Routine?

Workout routine of the fitness guru Gunnar Peterson (Image via Instagram/Gunnar Peterson)
Workout routine of the fitness guru Gunnar Peterson (Image via Instagram/Gunnar Peterson)
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Gunnar Peterson is an American personal trainer and fitness expert who is well-renowned for his work with celebrities and professional athletes. He has worked with many celebrities such as Dwayne Johnson, Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Lopez and Dakota Johnson along with professional athletes such as Pete Sampras and Sly Stallone.

Peterson is popular for functional training modalities and for developing innovative fitness techniques. Moreover, he's also a fitness speaker and author with the first published book called G-Force.

So, let's look at the workout routine of this fitness guru who Mark Wahlberg recently referred to as 'the greatest trainer in the world'. Maybe we can even try out a few things from this fitness guru's workout regimen.

Gunnar Peterson’s Workout Routine

In his childhood, Gunnar Peterson struggled with his body weight, which led his mother to enroll him in Weight Watchers.

However, it was not till college that he became serious about his fitness and made a thriving career out of it with a degree in Physical Fitness and Nutrition.

Peterson believes in including variety in his workouts as well as his clienteles' workouts. This variety prevents monotony in the workout routines along with improving progress and building muscles.

He believes in a workout routine of six days of vigorous training and one day of complete rest.

Peterson wakes up freakishly early every day around 3:45 in the morning to squeeze in a workout before training other celebrities.

To stay hydrated and maintain his nutrition, the fitness guru drinks 25 ounces of water first thing in the morning. He has Split, which consists of jam, and nut butter to fully gain the advantage of his workout.

The jam and nut butter helps in reducing the absorption of the sugar, so that you do not spike and then feel completely drained out.

Peterson absolutely loves vigorous intensity interval training that is combined with steady cardio workouts. He uses the same combination for his clients as well. He claims that one should always be cautious about the workout regimen, and it shouldn’t just feel like a burden or just some task to be completed.

Gunnar Peterson includes different equipments in his workout routines, such as a resistance band, stability balls, rock climbing walls, barbells and more. The incorporation of different equipment help prevent boredom in the workouts along with targeting the muscles of the body in a different manner.

A typical workout regimen of Gunnar Peterson is weight training, strength training and a cardio complex circuit for six days.

He tries to squeeze in about 30 to 45 minutes of cardio exercises, such as riding the bike every day, before meeting his clients. For cardio exercises, Peterson also recommends other aerobic activities, such as jumping rope and rowing machines.

The weight circuit routine typically includes exercises, such as deadlifts, farmer's walks, biceps curls, dumbbell squats to the twisting press, athletic press, banded rotations and more. The fitness guru's weight training regimen typically takes up two days out of the week.

The strength circuit routine includes exercises such as lunges, jackknifes, interactive planks, squats and more. His strength training regimen typically lasts about three days a week.

As this A-list celebrity trainer likes to include a variety of exercises in his workout routine, he keeps experimenting with different fitness techniques and exercises that can be incorporated into the workout. Peterson places great emphasis on functional training for himself as well as his clients.

After completing his morning workout routine, he likes to drink a protein shake that is made up of pea protein and egg and then get on with his daily work.

Fitness Tips of Gunnar Peterson

Peterson considers consistency in the workout as crucial for any results to be seem. There's no sort of magic in training but rather a physical and mental presence. He claims that people should only start working out when they are properly settled so that they can be consistent.

Mindset is also a vital aspect of a good workout. Peterson claims that just like being present in life and work is important, the same should be applied to your workout as well.

Additionally, do not leave out your weaknesses from training in the gym, but instead train your weaknesses with as much intensity as you work on your strengths. That will help you maintain a balance in your body.

Bottom Line

Gunnar Peterson is in high demand with many celebrities because of his fitness circuit and functional movement training. He has been openly praised by many celebrities and professional athletes for his training techniques and methods.

Peterson claims that a good workout does not necessarily mean you need fancy equipment or hours long of training. With some simple exercises and consistency, you can see the desired results.

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