Asian Champions Trophy 2018 Schedule

Last Modified Oct 29, 2018 00:16 IST
DatePoolMatchTime (IST)
18-Oct-2018Round RobinJapan vs Malaysia8:25 PM
18-Oct-2018Round RobinIndia vs Oman10:40 PM
19-Oct-2018Round RobinPakistan vs South Korea8:25 PM
19-Oct-2018Round RobinOman vs Malaysia10:40 PM
20-Oct-2018Round RobinJapan vs South Korea8:25 PM
20-Oct-2018Round RobinIndia vs Pakistan10:40 PM
21-Oct-2018Round RobinIndia vs Japan10:40 PM
22-Oct-2018Round RobinMalaysia vs South Korea8:25 PM
22-Oct-2018Round RobinOman vs Pakistan10:40 PM
23-Oct-2018Round RobinOman vs South Korea8:25 PM
23-Oct-2018Round RobinIndia vs Malaysia10:40 PM
24-Oct-2018Round RobinJapan vs Pakistan8:25 PM
24-Oct-2018Round RobinIndia vs South Korea10:40 PM
25-Oct-2018Round RobinMalaysia vs Pakistan8:25 PM
25-Oct-2018Round RobinOman vs Japan10:40 PM
27-Oct-2018Fifth & Six PlaceKorea vs Oman6:10 PM
27-Oct-2018Semi Final 1Pakistan vs Malaysia8:25 PM
27-Oct-2018Semi Final 2India vs Japan10:40 PM
28-Oct-2018Third & Fourth PlaceMalaysia vs Japan8:25 PM
28-Oct-2018FinalPakistan vs India10:40 PM

*India and Pakistan have been declared as joint winners of the Asian Champions Trophy 2018 due to the Final being forfeited.