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India defeat Great Britain 2-1, Hockey Live Score at Men's Hockey Champions Trophy 2016

7.69K   //    11 Jun 2016, 19:30 IST
SV Sunil and VR Raghunath will hope to carry on their impressive form 

We have an off-day tomorrow but will return the next day with more action as India play Belgium

This has been a much-improved performance from the Indian team. 4 points from two games and Roelant Oltmans could not have asked for a better start.

Great Britain threw everything at India in the final 30 minutes in an attempt to salvage a draw. They won a penalty corner with three minutes left on the clock. But full credits to India for holding on to their lead.

FINAL SCORE: India 2-1 Great Britain

India gets their first win of the tournament. They defeat World Number 4 Great Britain in their game of the 2016 FIH Men’s Champions Trophy.

60’ – SO, IT’s OVER! Final whistle has been blown by the referee. 

59’ – Two minutes remaining. India gets the free-hit. They can take their own sweet time.  But, but, but. Jackson has the ball. Gets a long corner.

58’ – India  trying to hold on to their lead. Moves the ball from the danger zone.



57’ – It’s a chance for GB. They earn their 4th penalty corner of the match.

India still has the lead with 5 minutes to go.

56’ – Mantell stretching all the way but fails to put it on the goal. Good hockey from both sides.

54’ – GB desperately trying to find the equalizer. Jackson gets a free hit. 

52’ – Chingelsana defends beautifully and moves the ball to safety.

India passing the ball in their half.

50’ – There’s an opportunity for India but Mandeep fails to hit the ball. How vital could that be?

49’ – Akashdeep Singh has a shot at the goal and he misses it. No change in the scoreline. India 2-1 Great Britain.

47’ – This quarter will be very important in terms of India’s medal standings. They would certainly not like to end up with a point after putting up such a good defensive performance.

The fourth quarter gets underway. India has the ball.

We’re done with 45 minutes of the game. INDIA 2-1 GREAT BRITAIN with 15 minutes to go. 

45’ – Again cleared by him. Putting his body in the line as the score is still in favor of India.

43’ – Great stuff from Surender Kumar at the back. Two minutes left on the clock and looks like we are going into the fourth quarter with the same score. Two minutes on the clock left.

41’ – Sam Ward could have made it 2-2 but Sreejesh pulls off another brilliant save.

40’ – Supporters have turned up in huge numbers to support the hosts and GB has again started to trouble the Indian defenders. Manpreet Singh gets a green card for blocking. 

38’ – Seven minutes until the end of the third quarter and the match could head in any direction. 

37’ – India has to be extra careful now. Surender Kumar passes the ball to Danish Here's a short clip of the first goal from Mandeep Singh.

Just what GB wanted. INDIA 2-1 GREAT BRITAIN.

But GB has a chance now. SCORES!  Ashley Jackson scores from a penalty corner as England reduce the deficet.

36’ – India have the game in their pocket and they would not like a repeat of yesterday’s game.

35’ – Harmanpreet Singh takes the penalty stroke and GOAL! 2-0 for India!

34’ – Raghunath hits the ball and it goes out. India appeals for a penalty stroke and that’s a Green card for Michael Hoare.

And a penalty stroke for India! CAN INDIA MAKE IT 2-0?

But GB captain Middleton makes an out-of-the-world save with his stick. 

33’ – Sreejesh collides with Dan Fox but it seems like he is okay. Play resumes! Harmanpreet has the ball, passes to Raghunath. But he fails to keep in.

SV Sunil with the ball, passes to Mandeep. There’s a foot somewhere. India appeals for a PC!


31’ – India starts this time but GB has the possession yet again. Manpreet takes it from them and moves up

We are ready for the second half

PR Sreejesh has been rock solid under the bar. But we cannot expect him to keep the ball away every time.

India will be happy going into the break while the Barry Middleton-led squad will be a tad bit disappointed since they had most of the possession in the past 30 minutes

This has been the story for India today. We have to give credit to our defenders. Absolutely flawless performance!

Mandeep Singh has been the star for India today. What a game he is having!

The score remains the same.

INDIA 1-0 GREAT BRITAIN at the end of the first half.

30’ – The referee blow the whistle as India go into the break with a one-goal lead. India passing the ball between them!

28’ – India takes the long ball quickly and Manpreet obstructs Henry Weir. 2 minutes left for the half-time whistle! INDIA STILL UP BY ONE GOAL!

27’ – India haven’t got any PCs till now and with the likes of Harmandeep and Raghunath in their rank, they won’t mind one. Mandeep Singh, again, tries to take the ball to the D!
Fails. Ball goes out.

24’ – 6 minutes away from the first half. Surender Kumar has been holding the ball at the back quite well. But it’s now Nick Cathlin trying to attack again.

21’ – The sun is out. And Great Britain attacking from the right. Roelant Oltmans has surely worked on the defensive woes from the match against Germans.

19’ – GB trying to find the equalizer. The defense has been pretty impressive from India. India on the attack. India claims a PENALTY CORNER! No, says the referee!

18’ – GB has the dominating team till now but it’s India who put their name on the scoresheet. Mandeep Singh was looking very dangerous right from the start and he did not disappoint the team in the second quarter. Second goal of the tournament for him!

16’ – Michael Hoare had another the chance to score a goal but Indian defenders holding the ball well. Surender hits the ball and here’s a chance! YES! GOAL! Mandeep Singh scores the first goal of the game.


The second quarter gets underway!

India needs to pass the ball and attack now. There have been very few chances till now. They need to take the ball to the D – in the hope of a couple of PCs

15’ – So it’s INDIA 0-0 GREAT BRITAIN at the end of first quarter!

14’ – Great Britain trying to create one more chance and Sreejesh pats the ball away. Manpreet Singh again getting the ball away from the danger zone.

12’ – Jackson hits the ball over Raghunath and it was looking like GB will open the sheet. But, that’s not the case. Indian defense has been showing improvements since the last game. The ball possession has been on the lower side today.

9’ – It’s almost 10 minutes on the clock and not a single shot has been on target for India. Rather they are trying to hold back in the first quarter. Manpreet Singh has been the hardworking one till now. 

7’ – Only Sreejesh has been kept busy till now. Lewers has been creating a lot of chances till now which the forwards have failed to capitalise on.

5’ – India has a chance now. But loses out. India has not created any tension in the Great Britain camp yet.

4’ – GB has a chance and it is their 4th chance of the game. Devender Walkimi moves it out of the danger zone.  It’s a long corner for them. 

3’ – Let’s hope India doesn’t as many penalty corners as yesterday. India taking the ball to their opponent’s half.

2’ – Penalty corner in the second minute for GB as Uthappa pushes from behind. Ashley Corner to take it and saved by the Indian defence. It was an opportunity for them to take control in the match.

Another penalty corner for GB and misses it.  AGAIN! Great save for our WALL! Sreejesh!

1’ – GB to start the proceedings and they are moving up real quickly. The ball is out of the danger zone, thanks to Sreejesh who is making his 150th appearance. 

We are done with the national anthem and here’s the starting XI for today’s game:

India are out on the field and Great Britain has one aim today - TO WIN and climb up the ladder. How effective will our drag-flickers Raghunath and Harmanpreet remain is the question. In the absence of Rupinder Pal Singh, much are expected from the duo.

Belgium gets the first point of the 2016 FIH Men’s Champions Trophy after losing to Korea in their previous encounter.

Full Time: Germany 4-4 Belgium. Quite an entertaining match! Germany comes back for the second time in a row. India drops to the second position in the table because of the result.

Okay, so the first game will finish in the next 30 seconds because of which the next is delayed by 20 minutes.

The match will start in a while as the first game has been delayed due to rain. Germany and Belgium are tied at 4-4 with six minutes left on the clock.

Great Britain will be high on confidence after holding Australia to a goalless draw. Preventing the World Number 1 is certainly not an easy task. India, on the other hand, faltered under pressure as they conceded two goals from penalty corners after going 3-1 up at a certain point.

We are 20 minutes away from the start of the match. India will take the field shortly.

Hello everyone! Good evening!

Today is the second day of the 2016 FIH Men’s Champions Trophy and India is taking on Great Britain in their second game at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London. After playing out a thrilling 3-3 draw against defending champion Germany, the PR Sreejesh-led India would hope to carry on their impressive form against the hosts.

India, playing without their regular captain Sardar Singh and drag-flicker Rupinder Pal Singh started off well with a 3-1 lead, thanks to goals from VR Raghunath, Mandeep Singh, and Harmanpreet Singh. Tom Grambusch, playing his first game for the Germans scored his second penalty corner and Jonas Gomoll slotted home a perfectly-taken penalty corner in the final quarter to make it 3-3 at the end.

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Great Britain on the other hand, played out a goalless draw against the Kookaburras in the tense third game of the day. While both the teams battled for control of the game to score that elusive goal, they took a share of the spoils.

Certainly, both teams will try to look for more than just a point in today's game. The key today will be vice-captain SV Sunil, who was simply at his sublime best against the Olympic champion and showed his electric pace on a couple of occasions. Not to forget PR Sreejesh who proved his mettle again under the bar yesterday.

Roelant Oltmans will seek to sort out the defensive woes which saw them concede as many as 9 penalty corners against the experienced German side. Great Britain will be hoping to continue their impressive defensive abilities to keep the Indian forwards at bay. They have a score to settle from last year’s Hockey World League Final in Raipur.

Team substitutions and replacements:

Sardar Singh and ace drag-flicker have been rested from the 2016 edition of the Champions Trophy to keep them fresh for Rio Olympics 2016. Also, not a part of the squad are Ramandeep Singh and defender Jasjit Singh Kular.

Today’s India vs Great Britain, Men’s Hockey Match Time:

Play will begin at 8:30 p.m. IST.

Team lineup:

PR Sreejesh (C and GK), Vikas Dahiya (GK), Pradeep Mor, VR Raghunath, Kothajit Singh, Surender Kumar, Harmanpreet Singh, Manpreet Singh, Danish Mujtaba, SK Uthappa, Chinglensana Singh, Devinder Walmiki, Harjeet Singh, Nikkin Thimmaiah, Akashdeep Singh, Talwinder Singh, Mandeep Singh, SV Sunil (VC)

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