Junior Hockey World Cup: Coach Roelant Oltmans fines latecomers Rs.500

Coach Roelant Oltmans is a strong advocate of discipline on and off the field

Discipline tops the priority list for Indian hockey team’s head coach, Roelant Oltmans and he has implemented ways and means to impart the same lesson to all the junior hockey players as well. The latest rule is that anyone who is late for their training sessions, get-togethers or official functions, will be fined Rs. 500. In the current scenario of demonetisation, the colts are thus “extra-cautious” now when it comes to punctuality.

The same system exists for the senior team as well, and many experts are of the opinion that it has worked to the benefit of the national team which is now ranked 6th on the global stage. For Oltmans, discipline and a no-nonsense approach are the two primary principles that his team needs to follow, which also forms the reason behind introducing this penalty system.

"Oltmans is a strict disciplinarian on and off the field and he expects the same from the players. Anyone who is late for team meetings, get-togethers, official functions, video sessions or even the team dinner, he fines them Rs 500," a source associated with the Indian team was quoted as saying to PTI.

"It is his way to make everyone realise that discipline and punctuality are keys to success," added the source.

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The amount which is collected from fines is later spent on food and drinks during team outings. The rule is a strict policy with the senior side, while the juniors have been given some leeway because there are hardly any repeat offenders and the occasional delays are largely inadvertent.

Some well-known players who have born the brunt of this system include SK Uthappa, with quite a few teammates vouching for his laziness while former captain Sardar Singh has been fined Rs. 1000 on two occasions.

“Every player has been fined at least once. Due to laziness and otherwise, everyone ends up being late sometime or the other. But so far we have not had a chance to fine Oltmans himself, he is always on time!” a junior team member was quoted as saying to the Hindustan Times.

“In fact, such an action of Roelant is appreciated by everyone as it also helps keep the team united and players entertained,” another player said. “This is one of the reasons behind the success of both senior and junior teams of India.”

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