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Bengal Warriors vs Telugu Titans (FT: 34-34), Pro Kabaddi Live Score: Catch PKL 2016, Season 4 Live Match Score & Updates

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Telugu Titans
Bengal Warriors vs Telugu Titans Live

This has been one of the matches of the season and Bengal Warriors were picked up by the scruff of their neck by Jang Kun Lee but it did not seem enough as Telugu Titans’ star raider Rahul Chauhdari showed why he is so highly rated, performing even without being at his best. Thank you for staying with us. See you tomorrow!!!

Best Defender of the Match – Vishal Mane (Bengal Warriors)

Best Raider of the Match – Jang Kun Lee (Bengal Warriors)

FULL TIME Bengal Warriors 34 – 34 Telugu Titans

40’ Bengal Warriors 34 – 34 Telugu Titans – Play resumes after timeout and Sandeep Narwal raids for Telugu Titans. Nilesh Shinde raids and makes a mistake. Titans are within one point of the Warriors. Jang Kun Lee raids and gets the bonus but a quick pursuit by Sandeep reduces the lead to one again. The last 30 seconds and Jang Kun Lee raids. He walks around. He runs down the clock but Telugu Titans force in one raid. Rahul Chaudhari raids and picks Jang Kun Lee to throw him out. WHAT A MATCH. ITS A TIE!!! You have to feel for Bengal here.

39’ Bengal Warriors 33 – 31 Telugu Titans – This game is inching towards a close finish and Nilesh Salunke, who has been as good as Jang Kun Lee tonight, gets his Super 10 on the night to give his team the lead but home side are awarded a technical point. Jang Kun Lee with a do or die raid and what happens? He comes his SUPER 10 as well. Bengal lead by one point and make it two. Jang Kun Lee gets an ankle hold on Salunke. What a match with under two minutes to go.

36’ Bengal Warriors 30 – 30 Telugu Titans – The game resumes with a review for Bengal as they want a bonus as well. UNSUCCESSFUL. They did not need to do that. Under seven minutes remaining and Rahul raids with four men on the mat for the home side. Rahul thinks he has got a touch on Shinde but the Bengal captain tells him that is not the case. He is out and Bengal lead. Jang Kun Lee raids again and he jumps, leaps. WHAT A RAID. He has been stellar. Sandeep Narwal exposes the weakness of Bengal defence to draw his team level. WHAT A GAME

34’ Bengal Warriors 28 – 28 Telugu Titans – Nilesh Salunke has been an unsung hero for Titans and is delivering tonight with Rahul not getting enough. Do or die raid and Rahul attacks. He gets one point and Bengal are down to three men. Jang Kun Lee with the do or die raid and he does what he has been doing all night. Sandeep Dhull’s ankle hold is useless as Jang Kun Lee draws his team level.

32’ Bengal Warriors 27 – 27 Telugu Titans – Bengal have bounced right back in this game and Telugu Titans have been stunned by a certain Jang Kun Lee. What a performance it has been from the Korean. Superb. Nilesh Salunke produces a stunning raid to draw his team level and Titans show great heart. Monu Goyat manages to get the bonus before being tackled. We have an excellent game on our hands here.

29’ Bengal Warriors 26 – 24 Telugu Titans – An under pressure Rahul Chaudhari is intelligent and gets the bonus. JANG KUN LEE is on fire. He gets two men in his raid to Bengal the lead. The crowd roars and the Korean is flying. Rahul Chaudhari gets two points in an excellent raid but who comes back and destroys it all. JANG KUN LEE. He is SUPERMAN. ALL OUT. Bengal lead by two points.

26’ Bengal Warriors 20 – 20 Telugu Titans – Jang Kun Lee comes with a lot of composure and pretty easily picks up the bonus. Prapanjan with the do or die raid and he succumbs to an excellent Vishal Mane tackle. Bengal Warriors are back in the hunt and Telugu Titans need to get the kick on. Lead cut down to just two points. Rahul Chaudhari wastes time on a raid to play it safe. Jang Kun Lee kick around in his raid but gets nothing. Sandeep forces the do or die raid and Monu gets two for Bengal. LEVEL

23’ Bengal Warriors 15 – 20 Telugu Titans – Nilesh Salunke starts off the second half with Bengal having four on the mat. He slips first and then gets up but Vishal Mane gets a double thigh hold to revive one more player. Jang Kun Lee makes an empty raid. Prapanjan is brought on by Telugu Titans and he produces an empty raid. Nitin Madane raids and he is tackled down by a combined effort from Titans. They revive Rahul.

Can Bengal Warriors make a return against a dominant Telugu Titans? Stay tuned to find out! Second half coming up.

HALF TIME Bengal Warriors 14 – 19 Telugu Titans

20’ Bengal Warriors 14 – 19 Telugu Titans – Rahul taken out? Not a problem for Telugu Titans as Sandeep Narwal raises his hand and revives his captain back. Telugu Titans with a 7 point lead. Nilesh quickly completes formality of raiding to play for the Super Tackle. 30 seconds left and Nilesh Shinde goes back again. The last raid of the first half is do or die and the Super Tackle is on as well. Vishal Mane!!! What a block. Two points to Bengal as they end the half by reducing deficit to 5 points.

18’ Bengal Warriors 11 – 18 Telugu Titans – Things are not looking good towards the end of the first half here for Bengal Warriors as they seem to be blown away by the Telugu Titans tornado. Do or die for Goyat with three and a half minutes to go. Titans have five men on the mat but they prove more than enough to take Goyat down. Rahul Chaudhari comes on with his do or die raid and gets a point but wants more. He pays for the mistake. Stupid from Rahul there.

15’ Bengal Warriors 10 – 16 Telugu Titans – Another point by Salunke extends the lead for Telugu Titans. Bengal Warriors are looking under the weather here and have been rattled by an excellent Telugu Titans side. Monu Goyat puts in an excellent raid to get one back for Bengal but Nilesh Salunke’s two point raid stuns the home side’s defence. He is playing really well tonight.

12’ Bengal Warriors 9 – 13 Telugu Titans – Rahul Chaudhari, is he good or what? He attacks with two defenders on the mat for Bengal and even though they try a lot, the raider gets through to get both. ALL OUT. Telugu Titans are showing how good their form has been. An excellent raid by Bengal gets a point for the home side but Nilesh Salunke earns a raid point. Telugu Titans leading by 4 points with 8 minutes to go.

9’ Bengal Warriors 5 – 7 Telugu Titans – The away side have started to put on the after burners here and are looking to get the better of Bengal Warriors. Nilesh Shinde raids with the bonus on but does not get anything. Do or die raid for Telugu Titans and they send Rahul Chaudhari. Four men for Bengal on the mat but they are enough for Rahul as he is stopped. But C Arun concedes a point too by going out of the line. Telugu add on one more with a superb tackle.

6’ Bengal Warriors 4 – 5 Telugu Titans – Rahul Chaudhari dances in the Bengal half like a boxer but goes back empty handed. Nitin Madane follows suit. Nilesh Salunke comes on to raid and Bengal captain Nilesh Salunke gets his man. Excellent tackle. Sandeep Narwal answers that with another tackle of his own. Rahul Chaudhari raids for the away side and his big build is too big for the Bengal defence. Telugu Titans strike a further blow by taking Jang Kun Lee down. Superb from Dhull. Titans are up and running.

3’ Bengal Warriors 3 – 2 Telugu Titans – The game kicks off with Nitin Madane raiding for the home team and gets the bonus to put Bengal Warriors on board. The star of Pro Kabaddi, Rahul Chaudhari, attacks for the away side but goes back empty handed. Jang Kun Lee raids and an attempt by the Telugu Titans defence fails as the Korean picks up two points. Superb raid. Wait, Telugu Titans review!!! Waste, total waste. What were they thinking? Nilesh gets a 2 point raid. Excellent opening to the game.

We are almost ready to go here in Kolkata, both teams looking quite strong on paper but the game is played on the mat, Not the paper!!!! Stay tuned. Monu Goyat, Jang Kun Lee, Nitin Madane, Nilesh Shinde and Vishal Mane all start for Bengal Warriors. Telugu Titans have Sandeep Narwal, Mahalingam, Nilesh Salunke and Rahul Chaudhari in their ranks.

Catch the live commentary of this game in Hindi here

Good evening friends and welcome to the live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 match between Bengal Warriors and Telugu Titans from the capital of West Bengal. We have only one game tonight but there is more action after this match from the Women’s Kabaddi Challenge.

Tonight’s game is a crucial one for both teams, albeit with contrasting motives. While Bengal Warriors will be looking for a victory to just survive in the tournament, Telugu Titans would want to get another win under their belt to continue their charge towards that semi-final spot. Telugu Titans are in superb form and it will take a monumental performance from Bengal Warriors to stop them.

Bengal Warriors have been significantly better at home as compared to their performance in the rest of the tournament but they come into this match on the back of the defeat at the hands of Patna Pirates, who have been the best team in Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 by a country mile. The challenge posed by Telugu Titans to Bengal Warriors, especially in attack, is going to be no less than Patna Pirates.

Nilesh Shinde, Girish Ernak and Vishal Mane will need to be on fire tonight to stop the might of Rahul Chaudhari, who recently became the first player in Pro Kabaddi history to amass 400 raid points, which is phenomenal to say the least. Not only this, Jang Kun Lee will need to get the better of the likes of Sandeep Narwal and Sandeep Dhull, who have been performing really well.

Telugu Titans, on the other hand, need to just keep a positive frame of mind and look for their fifth win on the trot. In terms of form, Telugu Titans, at present, are the best team in the tournament and they are looking like dark horses as far as the Pro Kabaddi title is concerned. Rahul Chaudhari is looking in great shape and so is Sandeep Narwal, who has been the true leader for the team from Hyderabad.

Nilesh Salunke has been great for Telugu Titans, delivering in do or die raids more often that not. Rahul Chaudhari will need to be wary of the Nilesh Shinde and Sandeep Narwal will need to do a lot to stop Jang Kun Lee, who is looking in great shape since the tournament shifted to Kolkata.

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