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Bengaluru Bulls vs Telugu Titans (FT: 24-32), Pro Kabaddi Live Score: Catch PKL 2016, Season 4 Live Match Score & Updates

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Bengaluru Bulls Telugu Titans
Bengaluru Bulls vs Telugu Titans LIVE

Best Defender of the Match – Sandeep Narwal (Telugu Titans)

Best Raider of the Match – Rahul Chaudhari (Telugu Titans)

This has been a stunning performance from Telugu Titans, who were on top throughout the game and never let Bengaluru Bulls in with any sort of chance in the game. Rahul Chaudhari was on point tonight but their defence ably supported him. Bengaluru Bulls were totally outplayed and looked off colour. Mohit Chillar and Surender made a lot of errors. There was too much pressure on Rohit Kumar and it was quite evident.

FULL TIME Bengaluru Bulls 24 – 32 Telugu Titans

40‘ Bengaluru Bulls 24 – 32 Telugu Titans – Bengaluru get a touch point to get Rohit Kumar back on the mat but is that a bit too late. Nilesh Salunke again runs down the clock. A roar and Rohit Kumar look to bring down Telugu Titans. He gets one touch point. Prapanjan follows Salunke to kill time. Rohit raids again with the Super Tackle on. and manages to get one point. Last raid of the game by Prapanjan and he gets one point!!! What a bad mistake by Surender Nada.

38’ Bengaluru Bulls 21 – 31 Telugu Titans – Rohit Kumar attacks with the Super Tackle on and Telugu Titans do it. What a tackle by Sandeep Dhull and co. The lead is extended to 9 points and Rohit is off as well. Nada pursues after an empty raid to come back quickly. Salunke kills time but Nada decides to force the do or die raid but they can execute the plan as Telugu Titans get a point. Two and a half minutes to go!!!

35’ Bengaluru Bulls 20 – 28 Telugu Titans – Nilesh Salunke is brought on for a do or die raid again but this time his tackled by the duo of Ashish Sangwan and Mohit Chillar. An empty raid for the Bulls is followed by a Rahul Chaudhari raid, which yields nothing as he plays safe. Rohit Kumar comes on again for a do or die raid and gets two touch points. Rahul Chaudhari and Sandeep Narwal are sent back. Lead reduced to 8.

32’ Bengaluru Bulls 17 – 28 Telugu Titans – There is too much dependence on Rohit Kumar here and he looks to be under pressure. He is tackled yet again. Bengaluru need Super Raids and quickly. Rahul Chaudhari, despite being injured, has looked menacing. A bonus point by Bengaluru reduces the deficit to 11 points. An empty raid by Rahul Chaudhari is followed by a Bengaluru Bulls timeout.

29’ Bengaluru Bulls 16 – 27 Telugu Titans – Ashish is the only man left again and he gets the bonus. Rahul quickly pursues, gets the touch point for the ALL OUT!! Ashish is livid and reviews the call, saying that he got a touch point as well. REVIEW SUCCESSFUL!! No All Out here. Bengaluru have two men here and Rahul Chaudhari attacks. He makes no mistake to send one man back. Rohit Kumar, the lone man left, comes to raid. He gets the bonus. Rahul effects the ALL OUT

26’ Bengaluru Bulls 13 – 23 Telugu Titans – Bengaluru Bulls are reduced to three men and Telugu Titans are looking to condemn them to a second All Out. Rahul Chaudhari gets one point to reduce them to two men. Ashish gets a bonus and then Rahul Chaudhari follows it up by sending Mohit Chillar out. Bengaluru down to one man and Pawan Kumar raids for them. He gets one point to revive Surender Nada.

23’ Bengaluru Bulls 10 – 20 Telugu Titans – The second half begins with a SUPER TACKLE. Rohit Kumar is taken down by a strong Sandeep Narwal. Telugu go into a lead of 8 points against. Pawan Kumar raids for Bengaluru but returns empty handed and Sandeep Narwal follows suit. Mohit Chillar forces a do or die raid on Rahul Chaudhari, who makes no mistake and gets the touch point.

This has been a fantastic first half and by far one of the most entertaining in Pro Kabaddai Season 4. Telugu Titans have clearly been the better side here but Rohit Kumar has single handedly kept them in the match. We are ready to go for the second half. Let’s see what happens. 


20' Bengaluru Bulls 10 – 16 Telugu Titans – Telugu Titans are looking to preserve their lead here and that seems to be the right thing to do. Nilesh Salunke raids for Titans and despite trying hard, he is dragged back by the Bengaluru captain, who performs an excellent ankle hold. And would you believe that ROHIT KUMAR, with a SUPER RAID!!!! That has to be one of the raids of the tournament. Fantastic end to the first half here.

18' Bengaluru Bulls 6 –  15 Telugu Titans – Both teams are depending heavily on Rahul Chaudhari and Rohit Kumar but both have been super calm tonight. Rahul Chaudhari comes on to raid and plays it smart again. Pawan Kumar with a do or die raid for the home team and he goes down deep in the Titans’ court. However, Bengaluru return the favour by tackling down Sukesh Hegde. Strong block there.

15' Bengaluru Bulls 5 – 14 Telugu Titans - Rohit Kumar is being roared on by the crowd here and he is going to be key for the home side here. Jasmer’s raid is followed by a pursuit by Suerender Nada and he is tackled by the Telugu Titans defence. Why did he do that? Really desperate from the Bengaluru Bulls captain. Meanwhile, Jasmer has reviewed the call and he looked certain to have touched Mohit. REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL

12' Bengaluru Bulls 4 – 13 Telugu Titans – Rahul Chaudhari has been realy intelligent tonight and has not done anything silly. He is taken out by Surender Nada, who extends his body to surprise the Telugu Titans star. After an empty raid by Sandeep Narwal, Surender Nada pursues but returns empty handed. Salunke with a do or die raid and he is tackled by Ashish Kumar Sangwan.

9' Bengaluru Bulls 2 – 12 Telugu Titans – ALL OUT!!! The Telugu Titans defence is on fire tonight. Sagar Krishna gets the ankle hold to culminate a terrific first 7 minutes for the away side. Rohit Kumar is tackled again as Telugu Titans race to a 10 point lead. What is happening here tonight? Benagluru Bulls look terribly off colour but an error from Sandeep Dhull gives a point to the home side.

6' Bengaluru Bulls 1 – 6 Telugu Titans – Nilesh Salunke continues from where he left off in the last game and gets two touch points to reduce Bengaluru to just 4 men. Vinod Kumar raids for the home side with Rahul Chaudhari resting and Sandeep Narwal gets him this time. Poacher!!! Bengaluru down to three and Telugu Titans raid with the Super Tackle on but to no avail. Rahul Chaudhari gets a do or die raid bang on by forcing a defender out. 

3' Bengaluru Bulls 1 – 2 Telugu Titans – The game starts with Rahul Chaudhari raiding for the away side and gets a bonus point. Kadian attacks for the Bulls but returns empty handed. Rahul comes on again for the Titans and exchanges some words with Mohit Chillar, which is followed by an empty raid. Rohit raids for Bengaluru and the cheers spur him on. He gets a diving touch point to send Sandeep Narwal off. Both raiders firing. What a start!!!

Telugu Titans starting line-up features Rahul Chaudhari, Sandeep Narwal, Jasmer Singh Gulia, Mahalingam and Sagar Krishna while Bengaluru Bulls start with Vinod Kumar, Mohit Chillar, Ashish Kumar, Rohit Kumar, Pawan Kumar and Surender Nada. Both teams looking pretty strong. We are just seconds away from the start!! Stay tuned

Boxer Vijender Singh is here and he will be singing the national anthem tonight. It is a pretty exciting week for Vijender, who will be playing Kerry Hope for the WBO Asia Pacific Championship on July 16th in New Delhi. We hope he brings home the hardware.

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Telugu Titans go into this game on the back of two wins while Bengaluru Bulls have lost their previous two games. Form would suggest that Telugu Titans have the advantage but Bengaluru Bulls defeated the former at their home ground, meaning they could have the psychological edge over the away team here.

Rohit Kumar says that his team is going through some sort of loss of confidence and Bengaluru Bulls would be looking to start their home leg with a win. Rahul Chaudhari, on the other hand, says that Telugu Titans know that any sort of slip up from now on will spell doom for them. Two massive raiders with great respect for each other.

The tournament has been pretty topsy turvy till now and no team has raced ahead of all others, such is the narrow margin on which this competition operates. Just when it looked like Patna Pirates would be sitting pretty at the top of the table with 7 wins out of 7, they came up with two indifferent performances one after the other, which saw them lose to Dabang Delhi and Jaipur Pink Panthers.

This is set to be an interesting match with so many sub-plots that exist. On the outset, it seems like a match between the Bengaluru defence and Titans attack. The pairing of Mohit Chillar and Surender Nada will try to stop Rahul Chaudhari and Nilesh Salunke, who were a handful for Dabang Delhi in the last game. Rohit Kumar will lead the attack for Bengaluru Bulls and if he can fire tonight, there would be nothing stopping Bengaluru. 

Catch the live commentary of this game in Hindi here

Hello everyone. After a day of no kabaddi action, we are back again with two exciting games of Kabaddi awaiting us today here at Bengaluru. First up is the Southern Derby where the Telugu Titans will be up against the home team Bengaluru Bulls.

Bengaluru Bulls and Telugu Titans have had an eerily similar campaign up till the halfway stage of the tournament. Before this game, they have had an almost identical record, with both teams winning 3 of their 7 contests. Bengaluru Bulls’ draw against Jaipur Pink Panthers gives them that one extra point that keeps them ahead of the Telugu Titans on the points table.

Both the teams have showed sparks of brilliance in some matches and have been looked average in some. So, they they neither have been the best, nor have they been the worst of teams on display and hence, it comes as no surprise that they sit close to each other in the middle of the table, occupying 5th and 6th position

While for the Bulls, Rohit Kumar has held fort in offence, it’s the usual suspect Rahul Chaudhari who has kept the Titans campaign afloat with his head turning performances. And just like their teams, they sit almost together in the table of most raids. Rohit Kumar has 40 successful raids to his name and Titans Captain Chaudhari has 37 of them as he occupies the third position behind the second placed Rohit Kumar. In the successful tackles per match table, Titans’ Sandeep Dhull leads Bengaluru’s Mohit Chhillar.

The Titans have overcome a poor start which saw them losing their first three games to win 3 out of their last 4 games, the only defeat coming against the team they are going face in a while. The difference between Rahul Chaudhari’s points (9) and Rohit Kumar’s points (11) was 2, the exact margin by which the Bulls went on to win the game.

On the other hand, after 3 wins and a tie in their first five games, Bengaluru seem to have wrongly pulled the reverse gear on their campaign as they lost two back to back games, one against defending champions Patna and another against Anup Kumar’s U Mumba.  So, while the match is important for the Bulls to board the ship to semis again, the Titans will fight tooth and nail to extend their streak.

Besides, they have lost 5 games to the Bulls before this match, and would like to change that record quickly. The players to look out for will obviously be Mohit Chillar, Rahul Chaudhari and Rohit Kumar but Nilesh Salunkhe has been quietly rising up the ladder of importance in the Titans’ setup with some strong performances. A win would catapult the winner to top 4 and hence expect some of the fiercest Kabaddi in a next few minutes.

Key tactical points

Bengaluru Bulls

Most valuable player of season 3, Rohit Kumar has been the lone man in raiding for Bulls. Tonight he will be taking on the left corner of Titans, Sandeep Dhull, who has got 19 tackle points in just 4 games. If Bulls have to get past Titans tonight, their left raider, Pawan Kumar will have to provide some support to Rohit.

Telugu Titans

Star Raider of Telugu Titans, Rahul Chaudhary was struggling with his right arm injury in the last game. So, Nilesh Salunke is likely to lead the raiding department for Telugu tonight and he will be up against the captain of Bengaluru, Surender Nada who performed quite well against U Mumba.

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