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Pro Kabaddi 2016 Live Score (24-23 FT): Bengaluru Bulls VS Bengal Warriors, Live Match Scores & Updates Online, PKL Season 4

Catch all live updates, commentary and scores from the Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 match between Bengaluru Bulls and Bengal Warriors.

BB vs BW
Bengaluru Bulls take on Bengal Warriors in the third match of Pro Kabaddi



Bengaluru Bulls



Bengal Warriors


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FT Bengaluru Bulls 24-23 Bengal Warriors

This has been a stunning performance from the Bengaluru Bulls, who struck at the death to snatch the game away from Bengal Warriors. The losing team was quite hasty and ended up being too cautious.

40’ – ALL OUT and Bengaluru Bulls have won the match!!!!!!

39’ – Bengaluru Bulls are well and truly back in the game as Bengal Warriors don’t seem to be using their head

38’ – A wonderful raid by Rohit Kumar and an error by Nilesh Shinde has brough Bengaluru back in the game

37’ – Bulls pull one back with an amazing piece of defending

36’ – Rohit Kumar fails to break the Bengal defence in the do-or-die raid and Bengal lead by 7

35’ – Nitin Madane trying to get his second point of the match but returns empty handed

Jan Kung Lee has induced life into a defence-dominated match by producing some amazing raids.

TIMEOUT called by Bengaluru Bulls and they need it.Something’s gotta give here.

33’ – ALL OUT!!!! Bengal shoot out Bengaluru to take a 6 point lead.

33’ – Ashish Sangwan makes an error to hand a two point lead to Bengal Warriors

32’ – Nitin Madane gets his first points of the night to put Bengal in the lead

30’ – Bengaluru Warriors draw level with a successful raid

29’ – Jan Kung Lee gets the point in the Do-or-Die raid. He is the man for Bengal Warriors

28’ – Do-or-Die raid for Pawan Kumar!! Great effort but Bengal Warriors show who is the boss with a superb tackle

TECHNICAL TIMEOUT – Let’s hope the coach tells them to start bringing some action into the game

27’ – SUPER TACKLE by Bengaluru Bulls to draw things level

26’ – Rohit Kumar tries to get a point in the Do-or-Die raid but the duo of Nilesh Shinde and Girish Ernak tackle him

Not a lot is happening as both teams are continuing with the waiting game. Empty raids are the order of the day

23’ – Pawan Kumar gets a point in the Do-or-Die raid. Excellent from him

22’ – The ever conservative Nitin Madane returns with another empty raid. He is rightfully substituted.

21’ – Pawan Kumar begins proceedings but returns with an empty raid.

The display from both teams has been a defensive one until now. They are relying more on defence than attack to gain a stronghold on the match. Somehow I feel that Jan Kung Lee is going to be the difference between the two teams here. Second half just moments away- Stay tuned

HT Bengaluru Bulls 10-11 Bengal Warriors

20’ – Monu Goyat looking to get a point but excellent leadership by Surender Nada to keep him at bay

Review taken here and Bengal are looking for a Super Raid and they get three points Jan Kung Lee has made an instant impact

19’ – Who else!!!! Jan Kung Lee gets two points to draw proceedings level. Brilliant raid

18’ – Rohit Kumar gets two points for Bengaluru Bulls to put them in the lead

17’ – Brilliant raid from Vinod Kumar as he jumps over Nilesh Shinde to get the point for his team

16’ – Do-or-Die raid and Mohit Chhillar commits an error to give Bengal Warriors a point.

14’ – Rohit Kumar induces a rare error from Girish Ernak to get a touch point for Bengaluru

14’ – Monu Goyat here for Bengal Warriors and returns with an empty raid. Jan Kung Lee needs to be brought on in the second half

TIMEOUT – this has been quite a defensive contest up till now. We need something to brighten proceedings up.

13’ – Bengaluru Bulls return the favour by getting a tackle point in the Do-or-Die raid

12‘ – Girish Ernak with a superb tackle in a Do-or-Die raid

11’ – Nitin Madane is being too defensive here. Returns empty handed again

10’ – Surjeet Narwal is tackled by his former teammates and the scores are level

9’ – Pawan Kumar with a Do-or-Die raid and he is tackled by Bengal Warriors.

9’ – Rohit Kumar being cautious here and goes back without any attempt to yield an empty raid

7’ – Monu Goyat goes for a do-or-die raid but is tackled by Mohit Chhillar and Bengaluru Bulls

6’ – One point each for both teams

5’ - This is turning out to be quite a lacklustre contest as both teams are being rather conservative.

4’ – Warriors defense in action here and Rohit Kumar is tackled and sent out.

3’ – Nitin Madane again here for Bengal and still returns empty handed

2’ – Mohit Chhillar retracts in time as Surjeet Narwal is out. First point to Bengaluru Bulls.

1’ – Nitin Madane begins the proceedings but comes back with an empty raid.

Lots of lights, cameras and some breathtaking action coming up!!!!!! Let’s go

The teams are here and we are almost set to go. National anthem will be sung shortly!!

No matter how much enthusiasm anyone has, they will always be second to Amitabh Bachchan.

Vishal Mane is looking quite stylish with his haircut and is raring to go. Mohit Chhillar, on the other hand, looks quite nervous and knows that the pressure will be on him. 

However, all eyes will be on Bengaluru Bulls and their blue-eyed boy Mohit Chhillar, who was the most expensive buy in the auction held a couple of months back. However, they will still be looking to get maximum juice out of Rohit Kumar, who played for Patna Pirates last season and amassed 100 raid points.

Bengal Warriors have excellent balance in the squad with raiders like Jang Kun Lee, Simon Kibura and Surjeet Narwal while their defense includes Nilesh Shinde, Amit Singh Chhillar and Ravi Kumar.

Women‘s kabaddi is bound to generate a lot of interest and it is imperative that they be given a platform similar to men, who have been catapulted into this amazing platform where they have become national heroes.

After Kapil Sharma yesterday, it will be legendary singer Hariharan, who will sing the national anthem to give proceedings a superb start.

Here is a glimpse of the star studded attendance of the first day of Pro Kabaddi Season 4 2016.

Hello and welcome to the second matchday of Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 as Bengaluru Bulls begin their campaign against the Bengal Warriors at the DOME@NSCL SVP Stadium in the capital of Maharashtra. We are set for another double header after yesterday’s matches, which saw wins for Puneri Paltan and U Mumba over Telugu Titans and Jaipur Pink Panthers, respectively.

Bengaluru Bulls, who had a woeful Pro Kabaddi 3, were exceptionally active in the auction and landed the most expensive buy, Mohit Chhillar, for a colossal Rs. 53 lakh. Not only things, they have also added the likes of Rohit Kumar, Surender Nada, Rohit Baliyan, Rahul Kumar and Manoj Kumar.

Coached by the experienced Randhir Singh, Bengaluru Bulls will be looking to get off to a solid start against a Bengal Warriors side, which will be looking to improve its record in the previous season, wherein they finished fourth with nine wins and five matches.

Bengal Warriors, captained by Nilesh Shinde, have bought in solid players in the form of Vishale Mane, Surjeet Narwal, Ravi Kumar and Simon Kibura. Along with this, they have the power of South Korean raider, who amassed has amassed 182 raid points in his 40 matches in Pro Kabaddi so far. Shinde, their captain, will be looking to lead them from the front and would like to replicate for Bengal Warriors what Manjeet Chhillar did for Puneri Paltan in their win over Telugu Titans on the first day of Pro Kabaddi 4.

Teams are still trying to find their combinations in the tournament and units with a large number of players, who have been together previously, will certainly help. We saw yesterday how U Mumba struggled during the game but in the end got over the line due to the amazing combination of Rakesh Kumar and Rishank Devadiga.

Furthermore, losing the first match migh not be such a bad thing for teams as they are still in the process of finding the right combination. This is a long tournament and teams will need to peak at the right time in order to win the title. This is one reason why this tournament has all the makings of a cracker and it will be interesting to see if in the long run the usual suspects return.

Hosting the first leg in Mumbai, which happened due to some logistical issues, has turned out to be a great platform for Pro Kabaddi Season 4 as the first day saw big stars descend on the mat to promote the game. Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Virat Kohli and Amitabh Bachchan were all present for the first day and we should expect even more people today.

Pune showed a lot of guts and nerve to win a game that was supposed to be played at their home ground but changed to their immediate state rivals U Mumba, whom they take on in the second game tonight.

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