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Pro Kabaddi 2016 Live Score (35-18 FT): Telugu Titans VS Bengal Warriors, Live Match Scores & Updates Online, PKL Season 4

4.82K   //    04 Jul 2016, 19:00 IST
Rahul Chaudhari
Rahul Chaudhari of Telugu Titans gestures during a match

Best Defender of the Match – Sandeep Dhull (Telugu Titans)

Best Raider of the Match – Rahul Chaudhari (Telugu Titans)


Telugu Titans 35 – 18 Bengal Warriors – Oliver Giroud, sorry Rahul Chaudhari gets two points in his raid and that baby faced assassin Sandeep Dhull gets in another back hold and a tackle point for Telugu Titans. Rahul Chaudhari gets another point. He is playing better than Olivier Giroud did last night. HE GETS THE SUPER 10. What a phenomenal performance, it is certainly the best in this tournament till now. Nilesh Shinde comes on for Bengal but wastes time. IT IS OVER!!!! What a win!!!

Telugu Titans 30 – 15 Bengal Warriors – Though the comparison will not be fair but this game is looking like the Euro 2016 semi final between France and Iceland with Rahul Chaudhari delivering for the home side like Olivier Giroud (Chaudhari is broader and stronger than Giroud though). This match looks a foregone conclusion at the moment and Rahul Chaudhari is doing a lot of talking here. Monu Goyat gets one point for Bengal in the meanwhile.

Telugu Titans 29 – 14 Bengal Warriors – This is not looking good for the Bengal Warriors as they have been sent into oblivion by young Sandeep Dhull, who delivers again with a double ankle hold. Shrikant Jadhav gets one point for Bengal Warriors but the lead is still 13 points. It will need to be suicide from here to give the match to Bengal Warriors but Prabanjan gets a touch point to take the lead to 15.

Telugu Titans 26 – 13 Bengal Warriors - Do or die raid for Bengal and whom does the raider meet? Sandeep Dhull. That is followed by the moment of the match as Rahul Chaudhari pulls off a Super Raid and condemns Bengal Warriors to another ALL OUT!!!! He has been phenomenal tonight. The lead is now 13 and this effectively looks game over for Bengal Warriors, who are struggling in all departments.

Telugu Titans 20 – 13 Bengal Warriors - Telugu Titans tackle down Shrikant Jadhav as Sandeep Dhull gets in a block to take his tally to 5 for the night. Do or die raid for Telugu Titans and a big mistake by Nilesh Shinde gives two points away to Telugu Titans. Rahul Chaudhari makes use of the two empty raids available and plays it smartly. Bengal need to do something about this quickly otherwise the game will be lost.

Telugu Titans 17 – 13 Bengal Warriors – Bengal Warriors are playing it safe and on the defensive, will it help them? Doesn’t look like but they pull one more back through Vishal Mane, who gets an excellent ankle hold. Shrikant Jadhav comes on to the court as Ravi Dalal gets one more point and Rahul Chaudhari is tackled. Deja Vu for Telugu Titans. It will certainly be on their mind.

Telugu Titans 17 10 Bengal Warriors – The second half gets underway with a penalty point as Sandeep Narwal shows too much haste, reducing the deficit to just six. What was he doing? Nitin Madane attacks for Bengal but the Telugu Titans defence does not let him get anything and they raid through Nilesh Salunke, who gets tackled by the Nilesh on the other side. Rahul Chaudhari comes on for Telugu Titans after another empty raid by Bengal and picks up one more point.


Telugu Titans 15 – 8 Bengal Warriors – The last minute of the half begins Sandeep Narwal leaping around like a monkey to get a touch point but returns empty handed and Bengal follow suit. Bengal Warriors get one point and it brings an end to a half that has been dominated by the home side.

Telugu Titans 15 – 7 Bengal Warriors – Vishal Mane finally gets a tackle right to reduce the deficit to 6 and Nilesh Salunke comes on to raid for Titans, gets a point. Nitin Madane gets a touch point to keep his team in the hunt. Sandeep Narwal attacks for Telugu Titans and gets the running touch point and then follows it up with a pouncing tackle. He is on fire.

Telugu Titans 12 – 4 Bengal Warriors – Warriors raid with Nitin Madane, who looks under pressure but does not do anything silly. Nilesh Salunke comes on for a do or die raid and he is tackled by the Bengal Warriors captain Nilesh Shinde, who brings the former down. Titans return the favour as Vinod tackles Rajput to get another defence point for the home side. Ravi Dalal tries to get a toe touch point but to no avail and who tackles him, young Sandeep Dhull.

Telugu Titans 10 – 1 Bengal Warriors – ALL OUT!!!! TItans get an eight point lead with an All Out quite early in the match. Telugu Titans are running away with the game here and they have been dominating the first half. This is stunning from the Titans. The Warriors, like the Titans, lose their review by making a silly decision.

Telugu Titans 5 – 0 Bengal Warriors – Bengal Warriors are down to four men as Mahendra Ganesh Rajput comes on to raid for Bengal but goes back empty handed and Rahul Chaudhari follows it up by throwing Nilesh Shinde off guard to get another point. Telugu Titans are eating away Bengal Warriors here as Sandeep Dhull effects another excellent tackle. Rahul Chaudhari is on fire here.

Telugu Titans 2 – 0 Bengal Warriors – The away side start proceedings with Ravi Dalal, who comes back without anything. Rahul Chaudhari follows suit and Nitin Madane comes on for Bengal but comes back again. Nilesh Salunke gets a hand touch on Vishal Mane to get the home team off the mark. This is followed by a do or die raid for Ravi Dalal but he gets taken down by baby faced Sandeep Dhull, who effects a brilliant tackle.

It will take a lot out of the Telugu Titans for get themselves together after that defeat against Patna but they are up against a lacklustre Bengal Warriors side, which has looked really off colour this season. Warriors start with Nilesh Shinde, Girish Ernak, Nitin Madane, Ravi Dala and Vishal Mane while the home side field a strong side comprising Rahul Chaudhari, Nilesh Salunke, Jasmer Singh Gulia, Sandeep Narwal and Vinod.

Puneri Paltan have just lost out to Bengaluru Bulls in a cracking game with Rohit Kumar effecting a Super Raid in the dying moments to steal the thunder from the Maharashtrian team. However, we turn our focus to the game between Telugu Titans and Bengal Warriors, which will witness the mighty attack of Titans take on the steely defence of Warriors. Will Titans recover from the heartbreak they suffered against Patna? Let’s find out.

Catch the live commentary of this match in Hindi here

Hello and Good Evening! We are gearing up for another interesting battle between a team from the south and a team from the. In a little while, Telugu Titans will be up against Bengal Warriors in the second match of the double header today at Gachibowli indoor stadium. The match is immensely crucial for both the teams as both are languishing at the bottom of the table. In such a scenario, the more points any team can take from the match, the better for them.

Telugu Titans are still searching for their first win in the tournament while Bengal have just a single victory to show in four games that they have played. Both the teams are coming off demoralising defeat as the Warriors were demolished by U Mumba, while Telugu Titans faced defeat at the hands of defending champions Patna Pirates. It will be specially tougher for the Titans to pick themselves up after the defeat that they shouldn’t have faced.

On Sunday, the Titans looked in a commanding position for the most part of the match before Pardeep Narwal and Rajesh Narwal ran amok and stunned the Titans’ defence to sneak out a 2 point victory.

Rahul Chaudhari is showing signs of his best form but needs greater support from the defence where except for Mahalingam, no one has quite impressed in the three matches. But the demons haunting the Titans are not as much on the mat as they are in their minds. The team has been squandering away matches from positions of strength. That’s what the team would be needing to guard against the Warriors.

For Warriors too, it has been the defence that has looked toothless. Despite having Nilesh Shinde, one of the better defenders, in their ranks the defence has been found exposed time to time. There coordination needs to improve if the team wishes to tighten its defence. The raiding department looked in complete disarray in the absence of star raider Jang Kun Lee.

Moreover, after Puneri Paltan and Jaipur Pink Panthers made good use of their home fixtures, Telugu Titans should take a leaf out of their books to revive their campaigns. If the team goes on to lose their 4th straight match, it would need a miracle to see them in the top 4. However, they have not been at their best against Bengal Warriors in the past as they have won just two games and lost three against Bengal Warriors in the past three seasons.

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