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Pro Kabaddi 2016 Live Score (33-35 FT): Telugu Titans VS Patna Pirates, Live Match Scores & Updates Online, PKL Season 4

7.72K   //    03 Jul 2016, 19:11 IST
Telugu TItans Patna Pirates
Telugu Titans take on Patna Pirates in the opening game of Pro Kabaddi 4 Hyderabad leg

This has been one of the best matches of the tournament till now and Patna Pirates showed exactly why they are champions. Thank you for joining us.

Best Defender of the Match – Vinod (Telugu Titans)

Best Raider of the Match – Pardeep Narwal (Patna Pirates)


Telugu Titans 33 - 35 Patna Pirates - Rajesh Mondal gets a touch point but he is livid that he got three points but they do not have a review left. The lead is reduced to one point as Rahul Chaudhari comes on for Telugu Titans but goes back. Mondal comes on again and he steals two points. What a come back this has been. He has been stunning. Patna in the lead now. Rahul Chaudhari comes on and he is tackled!!! Game to Patna!!!

Telugu Titans 33 - 31 Patna Pirates  - Vinoth has done his knee here and looks in considerable pain. This is a big blow for Telugu Titans as Rahul Chaudhari is injured as well. Titans are down to two men. Can Patna Pirates get an All Out soon ? Pardeep Narwal gets a touch point to reduce the deficit to 4 and then Patna follow it up with a tackle on Rahul Chaudhari. ALL OUT!!! Telugu Titans get a bonus though. Two point lead for Telugu Titans with 2 minutes to go.

Telugu Titans 32 - 27 Patna Pirates - Play is resumed with Pardeep Narwal coming on for Patna Pirates and he gets Rahul Chaudhari out with a touch point. Sukesh Hegde comes on for Telugu Titans and its an excellent ankle hold by Patna. Pardeep Narwal follows it up with an excellent diving raid to cut the lead down to five. But it does not stay for long and Telugu Titans give it all to effect a Super Tackle. The lead is 7 again with four minutes to go.

Telugu Titans 30 - 21 Patna Pirates - Play resumes after the TIMEOUT with just under 10 minutes to go. Has Rana Daggubati said something to Telugu Titans. They look charged and even an injured Rahul Chaudhari is playing like a fully fit player. Commentator’s curse here as Sandeep Narwal is tackled by Patna defence with an excellent hold. A 3 point game now. SUPER TACKLE. Vinoth comes on after an empty Patna raid and the defending champions show haste again to give Telugu Titans the points. Do or die raid on and Surjeet attacks for Patna. Horrible miscalculation from Patna. Chaudhari comes on with Cheralathan remaining and it is another ALL OUT!!! are Patna gone here?

Telugu Titans 24 - 19 Patna Pirates – Rajesh Narwal‘s empty raid is followed by a quick pursuit from Rahul Chaudhari and Patna Pirates effect a Super Tackle to revive Pardeep Narwal, who comes on and gets an empty raid. He comes on again after an empty raid from Vinoth but is blocked and tackled down on the floor. Telugu Titans have got him today. Rahul Chaudhari attacks with a Super Tackle on but gets nothing. Cheralathan comes to attack for Patna.

Telugu Titans 22 – 16 Patna Pirates – Rahul Chaudhari seems to have picked up a niggle here. Kuldeep Singh comes to raid for Patna and manages to get a bonus but Titans review. UNSUCCESSFUL. Unimaginable why they would review that. Sukesh Hegde comes on and tries to push in the right corner but nothing happens. Rajesh Mondal comes on for Patna but goes back without anything. He has been tactically astute tonight. Rahul Chaudhari with a do or die raid and delivers yet again, Patna are looking too hasty tinight. They need to do something before this games slips out of their hand

Telugu Titans 21 – 14 Patna Pirates – The second half begins with Telugu Titans effecting a stunning tackle on Pardeep Narwal. Telugu Titans are looking in command of the game here and Patna can’t seem to get hold of them. Sandeep Narwal comes on for Telugu Titans and he looks like a man on a mission but knows his limits and plays it safe. Surjeet Singh raids for Patna and is too predictable. He gets tackled. Patna return the favour by effect a tackle on Vinoth.

This has been quite an exciting first half and probably the best of the tournament so far. A revived Telugu Titans are causing all sorts of trouble to Patna Pirates, who have not really got going yet. Can Patna Pirates bounce back? Stay tuned to find out!!!



Telugu Titans 19 – 13 Patna Pirates – Surjeet Narwal gets one back for Patna with an excellent diving touch point. Rahul Chaudhari, knowing his team has the lead, plays it safe by gettng an empty raid. Sandeep Narwal pulls Pardeep will all his might to tackle the Patna raider. Brilliant from Telugu Titans. Sukesh Hegde then follows it up with a successful do or die raid to extend his team’s lead to six but Patna revive Pardeep Narwal. Sandeep narwal comes on for the half’s last raid and gets a bonus point to end the half. This has been all Telugu Titans.

Telugu Titans 16 – 11 Patna Pirates – Sandeep Narwal gets a green card for his chatter during the raid. Pardeep Narwal comes on for a do or die raid but this time is held by young Vinoth, who gets his double ankle hold correct. Rahul Chaudhari shows how strong he is in the next raid as he tears through Patna to put his team 3 points ahead. Rajesh Mondal, lone man standing for Patna, tries to raid but the defending champions are ALL OUT!!!! What a turn around

Telugu Titans 10 – 10 Patna Pirates – Sandeep Narwal shows beautiful footwork to get a successful raid but Telugu review for two points ant it is successful. If Sandeep was good, Pardeep goes one up to surge through the Telugu defence and get his team back in the lead. Rahul Chaudhari quickly follows it up with a touch point. What a fast paced game this is. Raid after raid being effected. Rahul Chaudhari gets a touch point to draw his team level

Telugu Titans 6 – 8 Patna Pirates – A lot of chit chat going on here and there seems to be some confusion. Play resumes as Pardeep Narwal comes on and a Super Tackle is on for Telugu Titans. He goes back empty handed. Rahul Chaudhari comes to raid for Telugu Titans against a full strength Patna team and plays it safe. Rajesh Mondal also comes back empty handed, which is followed by a successful do or die raid by Rahul Chaudhari, extends his body fully to get across the line. Rajes Mondal plays his part and delivers for Patna with a touch point.

Telugu Titans 4 – 7 Patna Pirates – Pardeep Narwal shows why he is such a dangerous raider as he gets two touch points to open his account on the night. Rajesh Mondal comes up with an empty raid after Vinoth pulls one back for Telugu Titans. Rahul Chaudhari gets a running touch with his long hands to get off the mark for the night. Pardeep Narwal comes on again but gets tackled. Hang on! Patna are reviewing this. SUCCESSFUL

Telugu Titans 2 – 3 Patna Pirates – Patna are looking the more settled side and are playing to their tactics. Sandeep Narwal, a former Patna players, comes on to raid against his former team but they are alert enought. Telugu TItans open their account as Jasmer Singh Gulia effects a superb back hold on Pardeep Narwal. Sukesh Hegde gets the bonus for Telugu Titans to draw proceedings level but Rajesh Mondal gets a touch point with a kick to put Patna back in the lead.

Telugu Titans 0 – 2 Patna Pirates – Telugu start proceedings with Rahul Chaudhari, who touched the feet of Dharmaraj Cheralathan at the toss, coming on to raid, attacking from the left. He goes to right corner looking for a touch but decides to go back empty handed. Rajesh Mondal up for Patna Pirates and sends a kick flying but it goes in vain and he comes back empty handed as well. Sukesh Hegde’s empt raid brings on Pardeep Narwal and he too follows suit. Patna Pirates open the account with a tackle on Vinoth.

Our focus, right now, is on the game between Telugu Titans and Patna Pirates, which could end up being one sided if both teams play as they have been playing. Patna Pirates, if they win today, can go to second place in the table while a loss for Telugu Titans is going to hamper their chances quite a lot. We are almost set to go!!!

Vishal Mane and Rishank Devadiga, who were teammates in the last season, talk about each other and their respective strengths and weaknesses. The battle between the two of them is going to be pretty intense and could end up deciding the game. Meanwhile, the colossal and intimidating Rana Daggubati talks about Telugu Titans. They could do with player of his size within their ranks.

Good evening people and welcome to the live coverage of Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 from the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad. The Hyderabad leg of the world’s premier kabaddi competition begins today with home side Telugu Titans taking on defending champions Patna Pirates, who are the only remaining unbeaten side in the tournament. Both teams have played only two games till now and those have resulted in exactly opposite fortunes. 

While Telugu Titans have lost both their matches and sit at the bottom of the Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 points table, Patna Pirates have begun their campaign where they left it last season, winning both games to acquire the fourth position on the chart. Not only this, Patna Pirates have managed to beat Puneri Paltan and U Mumba, both of which are exceptionally strong teams and were playing at home.

The team from Hyderabad looks a little on the weaker side but still have enough firepower with the likes of Rahul Chaudhari and Sukesh Hegde to give Patna Pirates a run for their money. Also, despite losing both their games, Telugu Titans’ score difference is just -8, meaning that they have not been defeated heavily and they are likely to take some heart from the manner they have played.

Patna Pirates, on the other hand, do not have a lot to worry about as their plans have worked in both matches with their biggest players performing exceptionally well. The defending champions have been led by the likes of Pardeep Narwal and Rajesh Mondal in attack while their captain and star defender Dharmaraj Cheralathan has hardly put a foot wrong in the game.

To make things a little more difficult for Telugu Titans, their former player and star Pardeep Narwal will be on the opposite side this time and given his performances so far, it would be really hard for the side from Hyderabad to stop him. Just to put things into perspective, Patna Pirates have played only two games till now and yet, Pardeep Narwal is third on the list of most successful raids with 19. If that is not an indication of good form, I do not know what is. 

However, kabaddi is a game in which, more often than not, the team that defends better ends up winning the match, something that we saw last night when Puneri Paltan defeated Jaipur Pink Panthers. Puneri Paltan, who are sitting pretty at the top of the Pro Kabaddi 4 table, worked ever so hard to lock down Jaipur Pink Panthers’ captain Jasvir Singh. Even a Super Ten performance from Jaipur’s young star Ajay Kumar could not prevent Puneri Paltan from winning the game.

We have seen a really closely fought Pro Kabaddi till now and the current state of the table is not an exact reflection of how teams are playing in the tournament. For instance, it might seem as if Jaipur are doing really well but in reality, should other teams win a couple of more fixtures they have in thei hands, the Pink Panthers would be pushed down.

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