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Pro Kabaddi League 2018, Match 17: Bengal Warriors vs Telugu Titans, Player Ratings

Gaurav Kadam
Top 5 / Top 10
16 Oct 2018, 22:23 IST

Telugu Titans

Rahul Chaudhari struggled tonight against the Warriors
Rahul Chaudhari struggled tonight against the Warriors

Vishal Bhardwaj - (6.5/10)

The Telugu Titans captain executed a Super Tackle in the first half at a crucial juncture when he caught the danger man Maninder Singh with a well-timed diving ankle hold from the left corner. He ended the match with a tally of four tackle points.

Anil Kumar - (5/10)

The defender was quiet for a long time helping out the team with his assists from the cover defence position. However, he put in a strong diving tackle on Jang Kun Lee in the second half to get a Super Tackle.

Abozar Mighani - (7/10)

The Iranian defender looked menacing on the right corner and managed to score four tackle points in the first half itself which included a Super Tackle on Mahesh Goud. He finished with another High 5 this season and was the second highest scoring Telugu Titan tonight.

Farhad Milaghardan - (3/10)

The all-rounder did well in the first half as the Titans defence controlled the match but was unable to contribute much in terms of points to the side.

Mohsen Maghsoudlou - (5/10)


The all-rounder was more involved in the raiding unit tonight and managed to score a couple of good touch points for the team.

Rahul Chaudhari - (3/10)

The main raider of the Telugu Titans was kept quiet in the first half as he spent a lot of time on the bench after being caught by the Warriors' defence a lot of times. He looked out of touch and committed some uncharacteristic errors giving away easy tackle points to the Warriors.

Nilesh Salunke - (7/10)

Nilesh Salunke started off quietly in the first half but was successful with his bonus points even managing one in a do-or-die raid situation. He did the bulk of raiding for the team in the prolonged absence of Rahul Chaudhari and scored five raid points in the match.


Rakshith - (2/10)

The young raider came on as a substitute when both Rahul Chaudhari and Nilesh Salunke were on the bench in the first half.

Sombir - (2/10)

The defender came on during a 1-vs-2 situation against Maninder Singh as the Titans were reduced to two men on the mat.

Manoj Kumar - (3/10)

The raider came on as a substitute in the final minutes of the match and managed to score a good touch point in his first raid this season.

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