5 popular and edgy NewJeans Hanni hairstyles fans must try out

5 popular NewJeans Hanni hairstyles fans must try out
5 popular and edgy NewJeans Hanni hairstyles fans must try out (Image via Sportskeeda)

NewJeans' Hanni has an impeccable sense of fashion and her hairstyles are some of the edgiest compared to the rest of the members of the hit girl group. From micro braids to space buns, the singer has experimented with some gorgeous hairdos that would look perfect at a music festival.

NewJeans has been making waves in the K-pop industry with their groovy songs and stunning visuals. Most recently, Hanni made an appearance at the Gucci Cruise Show, sporting a beautifully simple and sophisticated hairstyle with straight-cut bangs.

NewJeans member Hanni has some super funky hairstyles that are easy to recreate

1) Space buns and micro braids

Space buns are funky to begin with, but Hanni paired them with micro braids to create a super edgy look. The singer adorned the buns with adorable pink bows, softening the overall look. To begin with, divide the hair into two sections, similar to how you would when creating a half-up half-down hairdo.

Then one will need to divide the hair at the crown into two equal sections and tie them into space buns. Hanni went with tight knots instead of buns, which she then adorned with pink bows. Take a few locks from the front section of the hair and braid them into micro braids. Hanni kept her blunt bangs for this look, but the hairstyle also looks great without any bangs or fringes.

2) Structured updo with tufts of hair sticking out

With summer just around the corner, this might be a great hairstyle if you want to attend a special occasion without sweating it out. Hanni looked stunning in the structured updo, which looked perfect with the tufts of hair sticking out.

If you want to make the hairdo more summer-friendly, you can also opt for a sleek back look, with the bangs and face-framing locks pulled away from the face. The tufts of hair add intrigue to the overall look, so one can forego the bangs and face-framing locks without having to worry about losing the edginess of the look.

3) Elegant updo with a single micro braid

Micro braids are an iconic element that the NewJeans member often tends to incorporate into her hairdos. While the look is simple and elegant, the addition of the single micro braid adds a personal touch to the hairstyle. Hanni went with a high bun paired with her signature bangs and face-framing locks for this hairdo, lending the elegant look with a hint of edginess.

The updo is an effortless hairstyle one can easily replicate from the comfort of their home. Simply bunch up all your hair into a high ponytail and then wrap it up into an elegant bun. Make sure to leave out the bangs and fringes, which you can then straighten with a bit of help from a hair straightener. Take a lock from the face framing fringes and braid it into a micro braid to complete the look.

4) Side buns with tufts of hair sticking out

When it comes to airport fashion, NewJeans members tend to have some of the best looks. Hanni's hairstyle is equal parts edgy as it is fun. The hairdo is easy to recreate and quite low-maintenance, making it perfect for a long flight.

Start by dividing the hair down the middle into two equal sections and pick two chunky locks from the crown of the head. Braid the locks into loose braids to give them more volume and tie them up into high-side buns. To achieve the NewJeans member's look, leave out the ends of the braids to stick out, creating a fun little detail that adds intrigue to the overall look.

5) Pigtail braids with dual-toned hair

Double braids are adorable, but Hanni keeps it stylish by going for dual-toned hair color. The striking contrast between blonde and black keeps the funky touch that the singer tends to go for in her hairdos. If one doesn't want to go for a hair color change, they can simply add clip-on highlights to their hair to create this look.

To achieve this look, divide your hair down the middle and tie each section into tight braids. Make sure to divide the blonde section into several locks to spread them out throughout the braid. This hairstyle is also great for summer, simply pin up the bangs and fringes and you are ready to tackle the hot and humid days.

Edgy hairstyles are fun to create and add a unique touch to whatever outfit one pairs them with. NewJeans' Hanni loves her hairdos, constantly experimenting with styles like micro braids and leaving out tufts of hair. To make these hairstyles your own, play around with different hair accessories to add your personal touch to the hairdo.

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