What is BLACKPINK singer Jennie’s skincare routine? K-pop idol relies on double-cleansing

What is BLACKPINK singer Jennie’s skincare routine? (Image via @jennierubyjane/Instagram)
What is BLACKPINK singer Jennie’s skincare routine? (Image via Instagram/@jennierubyjane)

Along with her amazing performance as a K-pop idol, Jennie is also well-known for her radiant skin and fit body. Despite the pressure of concerts, album releases, and a heavy work schedule, she has managed to keep her skin glass-like and youthful.

Achieving the Korean glass skin is the current beauty standard for everyone, and who better than the Korean singer BLACKPINK Jennie to tell us the secret? She has regularly shared her skincare secrets and beauty tips in interviews and on social media platforms.

BLACKPINK Jennie relies on double-cleansing and masking for skincare, but she also makes sure to eat the right thing

The BLACKPINK singer relies on double-cleansing and masking (Image via @jennierubyjane/Instagram)
The BLACKPINK singer relies on double-cleansing and masking (Image via @jennierubyjane/Instagram)

Double cleansing

The K-pop idol strongly believes in the power of double-cleansing. It means first washing the face with an oil-based cleanser and then finishing with a water-based cleanser. This cleansing technique makes sure to leave the skin squeaky clean with no dirt. Jennie said on the Korean show Get it Beauty that she double-cleanses her face every night to remove any trace of makeup or dirt on the face.


The BLACKPINK singer also shared that she loves to use facemasks to get enhanced results for her skin. While she used to apply facemasks twice a day in the past, she has now reduced the frequency and only applies facemasks whenever necessary, instead focusing more on her diet.

Bath salts

Bath salts as body exfoliate (Image via Canva)
Bath salts as body exfoliate (Image via Canva)

Jennie not only focuses on her face but also on body skincare. She uses bath salts to exfoliate her skin to remove any excess dirt or oil from the body and follows it up with a good moisturizer for an improved skin barrier.

However, it is important to know that using exfoliaters everyday can damage the skin barrier, so use it once or twice a week. Make sure to moisturize the skin afterwards.

Healthy diet

Internal care is just as important as external care, which means a healthy diet holds an important role in skincare. The K-pop idol starts her day with a detox juice accompanied by chicken feet collagen soup. She revealed on a TV show on Channel Korea that it is essential to take care of the body internally to achieve that natural glow on the face even when without make-up.

What goes inside the body, reflects on the skin. As such, Jennie avoids salty foods as they can cause bloating. She prefers to have green and fresh juices. However, she always makes sure to have a full meal without any extreme diet.


Exercise helps to maintain both mental and physical health. It enhances blood flow and helps to boost mood, which directly reflects on your skin. The BLACKPINK member never misses her Pilate sessions and Yoga classes. She quite frequently posts exercises on her Instagram profile to keep her fans motivated.

This is what the BLACKPINK singer Jennie’s skincare routine looks like. She not only focuses on her skin and body but also makes sure to eat healthy. To achieve that natural looking glass-like skin, it's important to focus on overall health with a good skincare regime.

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