What does BTS star Jimin's moon tattoo mean? Design and meaning explored

BTS Jimin's Moon Tattoo (Image via Sportskeeda)

Jimin was one of the first BTS members to get a tattoo. Tattoos are private to an individual and hold special meaning to them. Jimin's tattoos all have a link to the K-pop boy band, showing how important BTS is in the singer's life.

Jimin's moon tattoo has been a mystery to ARMYs, as he constantly teased his fans but didn't give them a full look at it. Last year, he added a moon phase tattoo to his collection after getting the design recommended by Taehyung.

On April 5, 2023, Jimin posted an Instagram video with the moon tattoo in full view. The video was from his photoshoot for FACE, giving fans a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes. He was seen wearing a white top with back cutouts, perfectly framing his moon phase tattoos.

Jimin's moon tattoo is more than just fan art

Jimin has a moon tattoo on the nape of his neck. The moon phase design had a special meaning, as it was the phase of the moon on the day the boy band debuted. He already has the date inked on his wrist, and this was another rendition of honoring BTS' debut day.

Taehyung forwarded him a fan art of moon phases running down the spine as he thought it would look great on the Set Me Free singer. With the moon design on the back of his neck, he found it to be a creative way of extending the ink, finding the fan art well-drawn and wanting to add it to his collection of tattoos.

In one of his V Lives, the singer announced that he got the tattoo. However, when requested by his fans to show them the same, he told them the time wasn't right. He assured them that they will get to see it when he finds the perfect opportunity to reveal it.

ARMYs caught glimpses of the moon tattoo through his see-through tops. While promoting FACE as well, he gave his fans a good look at the second moon in the design as he sported a top with a back cutout.

The singer truly appreciates his fans and has always cherished fan art and this particular fan art is now forever etched on his body, as a continuation of his debut date moon phase tattoo.

What other tattoos does Jimin have?

The K-pop idol has several tattoos on his body and all of them have some link to BTS. He has "NEVERMIND" inked to his chest, in tribute to BTS' Intro: Nevermind.

The next tattoo he has is the number 13 on his wrist. This tattoo holds a special meaning as it is not only his birth date but also BTS' debut date. He also has the words "YOUNG FOREVER" inked separately above each elbow. This ink was in tribute to their track Young Forever.

He also has the number 7 tattooed to the inside of his forefinger. This is the friendship tattoo BTS members had in their plans for the longest time. Apart from Suga, all his fellow members have revealed their friendship tattoos. The number signifies the seven of them and the K-pop boy band find it to be their lucky number.

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