What is BTS star Jimin's daily skincare routine?

BTS Jimin
A Peek into BTS Jimin's Skincare Routine (Image via Sportskeeda)

If you have ever wondered what makes BTS members' skin so flawless, here is a peek at Jimin's daily skincare routine.

BTS members are well-known for their youthful looks and often envied for their smooth, glowy skin. With their hectic schedules and constantly having to wear stage makeup, we are often left to wonder how they manage to look so radiant.


Jimin has been vocal about his travel skincare routine, mentioning how he ensures he is well-hydrated while they are on the plane. We know staying hydrated is key to keeping your skin from getting dull and dehydrated.

Along with that, he also makes sure to cleanse his face thoroughly after every performance. Being the lead dancer, this is a given, as the combination of sweat and makeup can do a number on the skin.

Jimin includes the CTM procedure in his daily skincare routine

Jimin's daily skincare routine is rather simple. He likes to stick to natural, chemical-free skincare products. A good night of sleep and reduced stress levels are key when you want flawless skin like his.

1) Cleanser

Jimin is not just diligent about washing when he is on tour but his daily skincare routine also includes cleansing his face thoroughly. The Filter singer is known to cleanse his face after waking up and before going to bed without fail. Skincare experts will vouch for this being a vital step towards blemish-free skin.

Cleansing does not always have to be done with a face wash, as one can also cleanse their face with micellar water if the face wash is harsh for their skin type. Keep your skin condition in mind before deciding on what is the best cleansing method for you.

2) Toner

Jimin's daily skincare routine also includes a toner. A toner is a good step to incorporate into the routine as it refreshes the face and rehydrates it after cleansing your skin.

BTS members have been seen using the Bioderma micellar water as a toner and second cleanse combo. What it does is while hydrating your skin, it also cleanses it a second time, making sure there is no remnant of makeup on your face.

3) Essence

Essence is a must-have in Korean skincare routines. It not only rehydrates the skin but also gives it a dewy finish that is essential for the glass-skin makeup look that Korean celebrities are often seen with.

In drier months, picking an essence with moisturizing ingredients will ensure the skin does not get dehydrated and continues to look glowy throughout.

4) Serum

This Oil-in-Serum is not only a part of Jimin's daily skincare routine but even BTS member J-Hope has been seen using this product. This is a regenerative serum that works overnight and helps reduce fine lines. Moroever, the product gives a youthful look to the users.

5) Moisturizer

Sealing in the goodness of all skincare products is important if you want to reap their benefits. Jimin's daily skincare routine always has a moisturizer, as it is the secret behind the BTS members' glow.

Moisturizers should always be chosen according to your skin type. As such, you should go for a water-based moisturizer in case you have oily skin, or else a cream-based moisturizer should be best for those with dry skin.

6) Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a product that skincare enthusiasts swear by. It is a part of everybody's morning skincare routine, so it only makes sense if Jimin's daily skincare routine also has one.

BTS members love their sun protection, and we can see them reapplying their sunscreen in their vlogs as well. They are doing it right because sunscreen is indeed the most important step in a morning skincare routine. UV rays are highly damaging to the skin, and no amount of skincare products can help reverse sun damage. Hence, it is best to lather up with sunscreen before stepping out in the sun.

7) Pimple Patch

Everybody has occasional breakouts, and Jimin is not immune to that. BTS members have often been seen sporting that occasional pimple patch. Pimple patches are a great way to avoid picking on your face. If you want a smooth makeup application, the pimple patch has got you covered.

Jimin's daily skincare routine also includes a quintessential lip balm for smooth, moisturized lips and sheet masks for when his face needs that extra TLC.

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