What Chief Keef tattoos does Bhad Bhabie have? Meaning explored

All the Chief Keef tattoos that Bhad Bhabie has
All the Chief Keef tattoos that Bhad Bhabie has (Image via Sportskeeda)

Bhad Bhabie appeared on the High Low with EmRata podcast on April 25, 2023, and got candid about her past relationships and the tattoos she got because of that. The 20-year-old rapper spoke about her relationship with Chief Keef and stated how she has moved on. On the podcast, she said:

"I'm getting them removed. I'm just tired of being delusional. I'm so over it."

Although the Gucci Flip Flops rapper admitted the relationship was something she shouldn't have gotten involved with, she acknowledged the two were "pretty close" and had a "long run."

While talking about having moved on, the rapper also revealed that she plans to remove all the tattoos related to Chief Keef. The 20-year-old has already covered up one of those tattoos and plans to either cover them up or go for laser removal for the rest of the designs as well.

The 22 rapper recently got her current boyfriend's name and birthday inked on her body. She got "Le Vaughn" in bright red right above her chest and "1111", also in red, on the top of her shoulder.

In the podcast, Bhad Bhabie mentioned that she currently has six tattoos of Chief Keef on her body. She had seven tattoos dedicated to her ex-boyfriend until very recently but then got one of them covered with the birth date of her current boyfriend, Le Vaughn.

Bhad Bhabie had Chief Keef's birthdate inked, but she recently got it covered

On the High Low with EmRata podcast, hosted by Emily Ratajkowski, Bhad Bhabie mentioned that she has six tattoos that are in tribute to her ex, Chief Keef. She has his initials, "CK," inked on her ankles. The letter designs are in cursive writing, and she has one letter on top of each ankle.

She also has "Keef" inked on her wrists. This tattoo is in a much more visible area compared to her ankle tattoo, but it blends in with the bigger tattoos she has around her wrist.

The American rapper also has "So" inked to her right earlobe, which stands for Chief Keef's track Chief So. The tattoo is inked in a bright red hue, making it stand out when she has her hair up. The tattoo's meaning wasn't intended to be immediately clear to everyone.

Bhad Bhabie also has Chief Keef's real name inked on her body. On the podcast, she mentioned that along with the nickname, she also had Chief Keef's full name inked to her body. However, she did not reveal the placement of that tattoo.

The American rapper also had "Chief Keef" and his last name on her body. She also had his birthdate, but recently got it covered with her current boyfriend's birthdate. The tattoo was placed between her shoulder and chest, and the date was right above where the "Le Vaughn" tattoo is currently located.

Bhad Bhabie acknowledged that he was someone she really looked up to and loved, even though she later regretted getting into the relationship. She talked about how she was too young at the time to understand it was healthier for her to let go of her relationship with Chief Keef.

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