What is the Douyin makeup trend? How to achieve the look

What is the Douyin makeup trend
What is the Douyin makeup trend ( Image via @Kxpng/Instagram)

Social media platforms like TikTok have seen a surge in Douyin makeup trend, which is followed by various global influencers and makeup artists hopping on the bandwagon. This trend aims to underscore the youthful spirit, making it a popular one among beauty enthusiasts.

For the uninitated, Douyin is an app created by ByteDance in 2016. Named after the app, this trend was initiated in China, emphasizing on the soft feminine glam-up look. The notable features of Douyin makeup trend include tinted cheeks, heavy lashes, blurry lipsticks, and more.

This makeup trend does not have one particular formula or rule, which makes it an umbrella term under which several makeup looks can be created.

Douyin makeup trend explored in detail

The Douyin makeup trend has been defined by experts in different ways. Jasmin Savoy Brown's makeup artist, Taylour Chanel, shared with Teen Vogue:

"We've got this kind of cool, edgy ‘90s girl moment going with bleached brows, cool tones and muted brown colors, structured lip look. And then we've got Douyin makeup, which is the literal opposite end of that spectrum. It's just serving a purpose in the beauty world right now and answering a call that people are looking for."

While the Douyin makeup trend emphasizes a more shiny allure, some beauty enthusiasts discard this aspect and recreate the makeup with a matte finish. YouTube content creator, Jessica Vu, said to Teen Vogue:

"If you want to make a look pop, there has to be contrast, which can be done using contrasting colors or even formulas. I love using a soft matte foundation to contrast with Douyin makeup's signature sparkle. The glitter looks brighter and adds more dimension when applied against a smooth matte base."

Step-by-step guide to do Douyin makeup trend

Step 1: Setting the foundation

Start with a full coverage foundation. Opting for one or two shades lighter tone provides an authentic Douyin makeup look, accentuating the doll-like allure. However, one can use sheer foundation to keep it more real. As this makeup trend provides several options, one can choose a matte finish as well.

Step 2: The eye makeup

Highlighting the eyes in this Douyin makeup trend is an essential part. The basic idea of eye makeup is to make it shinier while keeping pointy eyeliners. Glittery eye shadow is a must. One can use stones around the eyes, while the under eyes need to be worked on. Putting a subtle color at the lower lashline can enhance the eyes seamlessly.

Step 3: Blurring the lips

The final step is to play with lips. One can begin with natural peach or pink lips tint or matte lipsticks. To create a blurry effect, put a darker shade on the inner part and paint with a lighter shade on the outer part. Blending is an important part of this step, which can be finished with a lip gloss.

The viral Douyin makeup trend revolves around glossy and blurry lips. With the above steps, one can easily ace the popular makeup look. Putting on blushes can augment the makeup pretty well.

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