30th Match, Adelaide Oval
STR won by 7 wickets
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Matthew Short is the Player of the Match.
Adelaide Strikers beat Hobart Hurricanes by 7 wickets!

Matthew Short 100 (59) | Patrick Dooley 2/25
Chris Lynn 64 (29) | Colin de Grandhomme 2/45

My colleague Mohul has summed it up well. Stating that it was the greatest ever chase in BBL history. And it was. What a game. What a finish.

Matt Short is the hero. He was thrust into the captain's role in the absence of Peter Siddle and boy has he turned up or what. Chasing 230, he was slow to start after the early loss of Ryan Gibson but Lynn's hitting at the start helped take pressure off.

Short got going with a couple of sixes off Mitch Owen and never looked back. Lynn meanwhile got out after making 64 and Hose came in and played a blinder as well.

But the chase was all about Short, he kept his nerve after being dropped twice and piloted the side home. The Hurricanes will feel hard done by the no-ball call against Hose which went against them. Two more sixes from Hose came after that call.

Faheem Ashraf was given the task of the final over and he could not deliver as he had a rough night. Fittingly Short reached his 100 with the winning hit.

The Strikers also end their four match losing streak with one of the best run-chases ever.

Stay tuned to know who the Player of the Match is.
19.3 Faheem Ashraf to Matthew Short, FOUR MORE! THE STRIKERS WIN AND SHORT SCORES A CENTURY WITH THE WINNING SHOT OF THE GAME! Full and wide outside off, Short drills it wide past the fielder at cover for a boundary! The Strikers win this game, and what a win this is! 

Perhaps the greatest chase ever made in the history of the Big Bash League! It is hard to fathom that a target of 230 has been chased down. Skipper Matthew Short, take a bow!
19.2 Faheem Ashraf to Matthew Short, FOUR! Fulltoss on leg, Short gets into position early and scoops it away just wide of the keeper Wade for a boundary! Short gets to 96! The Strikers need four runs now!
19.1 Faheem Ashraf to Matthew Short, FREE HIT! Yorker outside off, Short uses his wrists to dig it out towards midwicket for a couple! 
19.1 Faheem Ashraf to Colin de Grandhomme, HIGH NO BALL! Colin pulls it away to midwicket for a run.
What a finish we have here. 12 needed off the last over. Who will bowl it? Faheem Ashraf it is and he has not had a great day.
218 /3 score
cricket bat icon Matthew Short *
90 (56)
cricket bat icon Colin de Grandhomme
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Nathan Ellis
0 /44
18.6 Nathan Ellis to Matthew Short, full and wide outside off, Short smacks it from the crease to deep cover for a brace! Good running from the duo! 12 runs needed off 6 now!
18.5 Nathan Ellis to Matthew Short, fullish outside off, Short drills it back past the bowler for a couple!
18.4 Nathan Ellis to Matthew Short, FOUR! TIMELY BOUNDARY! Full and wide outside off, Short opens the face of the bat and places it uppishly over short third man and point for a boundary! Clever batting from Short there.
18.3 Nathan Ellis to Colin de Grandhomme, full outside off, Colin tries to work it to the on side and gets it uppishly towards midwicket for a run.
18.1 Nathan Ellis to Matthew Short, low fulltoss outside off, Short smacks it uppishly towards long off for a run.
18.2 Nathan Ellis to Matthew Short, GOOD WORK! At a length outside off, Short smacks it on the rise towards deep cover, where Patrick Dooley dives to his left to save a certain boundary! Couple taken.
18.1 Nathan Ellis to Matthew Short, WIDE outside off! Ellis will have to rebowl that!
Colin de Grandhomme, right handed bat, comes to the crease
The game turns with that Hose wicket. Ellis dropped a tough catch and what's worse it went for six as well. But David held his nerve to rap Hose in front.
205 /3 score
cricket bat icon Matthew Short
79 (51)
cricket bat icon Adam Hose *
38 (22)
cricket ball icon Tim David
1 /18