126/10 (19.5)
129/3 (15.1)
STR won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Matthew Short
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Adelaide Strikers won by 7 wickets
A pretty one-sided affair as it turned out. Matt Short was brilliant with his strokeplay, he never looked under pressure or nervous. His body language was so positive and aggressive which reflected in his low number of dot balls. His knock of 72(44) was more than enough for the side to chase down the low target like 127.  

Tom Rogers looked very good but he gave away too many runs apparently. Henry Hunt's contribution shouldn't be ignored. He gave a flying start, although he couldn't hold on for too long. 

The difference between the two batting innings was the number of dot balls. D'Arcy Short will be very gutted looking at his strike rate. He never got in touch throughout the innings. Matt Short's innings is what he'll be inspired from.

Strikers were never out of the game. However, Sandeep Lamichhane gave a couple of hiccups to them. His figures 4-0-22-2 were similar to Rashid Khan's 4-0-26-2 in the first innings. 
Matthew Short has been adjudged the Player of the Match for his outstanding performance with the bat to chase it down!

says, it's good to get our second win of the season, we needed to get off to a good start after restricting them to that total and then helped steer the team through. The boys were getting a bit flattened with many losses and hopefully can pull ourselves back from here on.
Finally! Finally! D'Arcy Short's over delayed the win but yes, the Adelaide Strikers clinch the victory comfortably by 7 wickets. Matt Short was the hero for them! 
15.1 Mitch Owen to Matthew Short, FOUR! THERE IT IS! IT'S ALL OVER! Strikers bring up their only second win of the tournament and hopefully this is the start of something for them here. Back of a length into Short on the middle and leg as he stands back and hoicks it past the backward square-leg and runs away to the fence for a boundary.
Mitchell Owen to bowl the 16th over. 
Strikers will have to wait a little longer. They need 2 runs from 30 balls. 
125 /3 score
cricket bat icon Matthew Short
68 (43)
cricket bat icon Jake Weatherald *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon D'Arcy Short
1 /23
14.6 D'Arcy Short to Jake Weatherald, OH! Drifts a good length nicely into Weatherald on the middle and leg as he goes on the backfoot to defend but misses, raps high on the pad and there is a huge shout for lbw but turned down.
Jake Weatherald is the new batter in!
Fantastic catch ends the innings of Wells. He'll be very disappointed falling with just 2 runs to get. 
14.5 D'Arcy Short to Jonathan Wells, OUT! OWEN TAKES A STUNNER AND WELLS GOES! Drops it short on the outside off as Wells on the backfoot heaves it again but goes in the air to the left of Owen at square-leg who dives and takes a brilliant catch.
14.4 D'Arcy Short to Jonathan Wells, FOUR! Full toss on the leg-stump line, Well goes down his knee and whacks it way over the short fine-leg fielder and falls in no man's land and trickles over the fence for a boundary! Just 2 needed now!
14.3 D'Arcy Short to Matthew Short, short again on the outside off, Short this time manages to heave it into the on-side towards deep mid-wicket for just a single.
14.2 D'Arcy Short to Matthew Short, OH! Drops it short and slides it across the right-hander as Short on the backfoot has a big heave but misses and that keeps low as well.
14.1 D'Arcy Short to Jonathan Wells, drops it short on the off-stump as Wells on the backfoot pulls that one away towards deep square-leg for just a single.
D'Arcy Short to bowl the 15th over. 
Good one from Rogers with just 5 runs coming off the over. However, it's now just a formality. The Strikers need 8 runs from 36 balls. 
119 /2 score
cricket bat icon Matthew Short
67 (41)
cricket bat icon Jonathan Wells *
6 (8)
cricket ball icon Tom Rogers
0 /29
13.6 Tom Rogers to Jonathan Wells, OH! Back of a length tails into Wells on the off-stump as he hangs back and gets cramped as he squeezes that one into the on-side for another single.