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473/9 & 230/9 (61)
236/10 & 192/10 (113.1)
Australia won by 275 runs.
Player of the match: Marnus Labuschagne
Alright. What a test match this has been, Australia completely dominated throughout the five days and England were always on the backfoot playing the catch up game. They had themselves to blame with some drop catches and no-balls. They needed to be better after that first loss and here they are staring down the barrel once again. Boxing day test coming up in less than a week and Australia will go ever so hard at the visitors to seal the series right there. England have a lot to think about, they need to go back to their drawing board, get the right selections done for this all important test match and more importantly they need to bat better to get back in this series. Thanks for sticking with us throughout this five days of this enthralling test match, we whole heartedly thank and on behalf of our crew members, this is Pradeep and Pratyush Rohra signing off, catch you in the next game, until next time, it's good bye from all of us!
Marnus Labuschagne has been adjudged the Player of the Match for his brilliant century in the first inning and fifty again in the second pretty much setup the game for Australia!

Marnus Labuschange at the presentation says, thanks Gilly, it was hard work but we stuck it out, I felt like it was tough to bat on but a big mention to Davey, I thought he batted exceptionally well and put the pressure back on the bowlers. It was the opposite of what he did, I absorbed the pressure but when you have combination out there like that, it certainly makes easier in the middle to bat on. It's natural, I'm a bit self-taught to myself out there, the one that Stokes bowled and a bit of reinforcement as well, trying to keep me switched on out there. To get the win tonight is absolutely special, the way we played the test match, we really drove from Day 1, we've spoken about not take the foot off the gas. Getting my first Ashes ton, had a few fifties but nice to have converted one but obviously still disappointed that I didn't make it a big one with a few reprieves. I have played with Neser, I've played against Jhye only a couple of weeks ago in Shield cricket and both those guys are competitive, they both have unique set of skills that are quite different to each other. Neser is a bit more hit the stumps kind of guy and Jhye quite bouncy for a short guy and it was so good to see us been able to still dominate the test match with our two key bowlers out of the test match. Look Christmas wish, I got my wife here, my family is coming to Melbourne as well, all my wishes are coming true!

Steve Smith (Australia captain): We weren't nervous, they showed some real resilience to be honest. Jos played exceptionally well, faced 200 odd deliveries and probably witnessed an innings from him that we normally haven't seen from him. He showed good fight with Woakes and Robinson as well. We always felt couple of good balls with still plenty of time left, we knew we were there. Had fun this week after a long time captaining the side, did enjoy. Thought the guys were in total control of the game. Davey and Marnus's partnership set up the game for us. We were in control of the game, we knew when to declare and where to bowl to certain batters. Complete performance, special mention to Mitchell Starc, I thought he was exceptional for a long time, his lines and lengths were brilliant. There wasn't a great deal of swing for him and he was just trying to bash the good length, trying to across the right-handers in particulars and hit the good areas on consistent basis, he looked in great rhythm. I'm really proud of the way he went about his business in this game. Talking about Green, the guys inside didn't wanted him to bowl at today at all. We're just trying to manage the workload, he's still young, he's bowl the last two days, it's a long series and we have boxing day in the next five days. He's taken key wickets for us in the two tests and he's got lot to do in the boxing day as well. With regards Hazlewood, I have no idea but Harris, he's batting well in the nets, he's doing all the right things, sometimes it's about getting too good delivery and can be out of runs and that happens and we trust in him and have faith in him. About covid protocols, look we got to do what we got to and we got business, stick to the protocols.
Joe Root (England captain): Feeling much better now. The reason it is disappointing because we made the same mistakes. I think we could have bowled a lot fuller. When you look at ball in hand in particular, I don't think we bowled the right lengths. To be brutally honest, we didn't do that in the first innings. The moment we started doing that in the second innings, we got the wickets for it. With the bat as well, we need to be better, make bigger scores and apply ourselves better. The second innings is the kind of attitude and desire we need throughout. It's frustrating because we know we are better than this. I know we have what it takes to win here. We just need to stop repeating the same mistakes. It's easy to look at selection and tactics but we'll address those ahead of the next game. You try to find out how to exploit the conditions, it's not just the wickets but also the the ball under lights. We thought there would be more movement there. There was a stat going around that there was least amount of movement at the ground, which is remarkable. We need to be braver and manage passages of play better. (On Buttler’s attitude) Yeah, that is what we needed for the entirety of the game. That’s what is needed to win here. The attitude today was brilliant. We just need to do more of it. I expect us to have that mentality for the rest of the series.
Australia win by 275 runs and go 2-0 up in the five match test series!

Well, well, it took 5.1 overs for Australia to knock off England's remaining two wickets. England came into this session with a lot of hope as Buttler's resilience with the bat to stand tall and dead batted almost everything that was thrown at him today. 

Two sessions he's batted and then comes into the third session to go back to the dressing room in a weird fashion as he went deep inside the crease to steer it to point to retain strike to take a quick single but then only to realize he's disturbed the furniture of his back boot. Broad looked vulnerable but Richardson gets Anderson of a bumper where he couldn't keep it down and Australia take an unassailable lead of 2-0 in the series.

Australia pretty much setup the tone of the game by putting up a massive total on board in the first inning, courtesy Marnus Labuschagne's century and Steve Smith falling short of the century but then some late order contribution from Alex Carey, Starc and Neser saw Australia post 473 before Smith declared.

England were on the backfoot from the word go when they came into bat, they were bundled out for 236, until Malan and Root showed them the way but then Australia enforced a big collapse England went from 150-2 to 236 all out conceding a lead of 237 runs. 

Australia didn't enforce the follow-on and they came into bat and added another 230 runs and England needed 467 runs to chase with over a session and day to go but the same problem repeated, they lost wickets in heap again. Problems with Hameed, Burns and some of this position in that third test will certainly be open and England will be desperately looking to make the change. 

The only ray of hope that looked for England is Woakes and Buttler's inning today, just showed the way how to bat against this strong Australia attack. Steve Smith coming back to captain the side and winning it sums it up for Australia but this has been another brilliant performance from the hosts and the boxing day test will become that much crucial for England to make it 2-1.
GONE and Australia go 2-0 up in the Ashes and Richardson gets his first FIVE-FOR in tests!
113.1 Jhye Richardson to James Anderson, EDGED AND GONE! AUSTRALIA WIN! Short of a length delivery and this time Anderson can't keep his fend down as he skews off the outside edge to gully. Green dives forward to gobble this up in his big bucket hands to hand Jhye Richardson his fifer and the hosts a 2-0 lead in this series. Some solid rearguard action from England this afternoon but Australia have prevailed eventually!
Broad survives another over, he's looked more assured back in the days but his skill with the bat has certainly gone down and so much so that the number 11 Anderson gives more assurance than him at the crease.
192 /9 score
cricket bat icon Stuart Broad *
9 (31)
cricket bat icon James Anderson
2 (4)
cricket ball icon Mitchell Starc
2 /43
112.6 Mitchell Starc to Stuart Broad, another bumper angling around the rib-cages, this one was angling away and Broad does well to present a straight bat for a dead-bat, no run
112.5 Mitchell Starc to Stuart Broad, another short one into the body for Broad, he stays right behind the line this time to block. A little grimice there after playing that shot, no run
112.4 Mitchell Starc to Stuart Broad, back of a length delivery angling into the ribs, Broads manages to get something on it, probably off the thigh pad as it landed short of leg slip, no run
112.3 Mitchell Starc to Stuart Broad, back of a good length delivery around the off-stump line, Broad fends it to gully, Lyon puts in a dive, no run
112.2 Mitchell Starc to Stuart Broad, proper fast bowler's reply from Starc. Bangs it in short and aggressive, Broad manages to duck underneath, no run
112.1 Mitchell Starc to Stuart Broad, FOUR! Pure timing. Good length delivery with some width on offer, Broad prods forward to punch this through backward point with sublime timing to find the ropes 
Richardson looking to pick up his first five-for in tests but he wouldn't mind if he doesn't as they are looking to take unassailable lead in the series and the next test match is going to be that much crucial for England.
188 /9 score
cricket bat icon Stuart Broad
5 (25)
cricket bat icon James Anderson *
2 (4)
cricket ball icon Jhye Richardson
3 /42
111.6 Jhye Richardson to James Anderson, full and angling into the off-stump line, Anderson stays on the backfoot and defends this right under his eyes, no run
111.5 Jhye Richardson to James Anderson, full delivery around the off-stump line, Anderson stabs at it with an angled blade and gets this through the cordon to rush back for the second
111.4 Jhye Richardson to Stuart Broad, shouts of catch it! Back of a length delivery around the off-stump line, Broad ends up in a bit of a tangle and awkwardly fends at it, skewing a thick outside edge that's gone through uppishly past gully
111.3 Jhye Richardson to Stuart Broad, good length delivery on the off-stump line, Broad looks to drive this on the up but it's off the inside part of his bat towards the vacant mid-on region, gets back for a tap and return 
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