195/9 (50)
82/10 (33)
AUS won by 113 runs.
Player of the match: Mitchell Starc
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Aaron Finch (Captain, Australia): Well, it was difficult to bat throughout those 40 overs and Mitch Starc just showed how to bat on that tricky surface, amazing effort from Steve Smith to hang in there. We knew, we had runs on the board, if we were disciplined with the ball, we still had a chance and Starc set the tone with the ball, Hazlewood backed that up and then Abbott was extraordinary later on, haven't seen anything like that, once we built up pressure, it was tough on them. Combination of a few things, wicket started to slow up a bit, become a little lower, when you set some straight fields, it's difficult to hit through the line, run-rates started to get up, around 5 and half an over, we felt we had the discipline, Zampa got the rewards but it was all set up before that. Not ideal, when you were few down early, we knew we had to be aggressive in the powerplay, we knew the wicket would deteriorate, sometimes it doesn't come off but we look to be aggressive. The thing that has been positive in the last two games is, even though we were five down, we've come back and done well, even in the last game, Carey and Green brought us back into the game. We were aggressive in this game too with Smith, we would want to keep being aggressive going forward.

Kane Williamson (Captain, New Zealand): Yea obviously it was not a great performance with the bat by us. Also, it got tougher to bat on as the wicket was getting slower. Australia were great with their bowling and yea we were poor with our application with the bat. Adapting to conditions is key, we need to build partnerships and that's what Australia did towards the end of their innings. A great lesson for us here today watching Australia and we need to make sure we do the same.

Mitchell Starc (Player of the match): A good win for us today. We decided to stick in there with the bat and hoped that we could post as much as possible. In one-day cricket, it's not really easy to bat on. The pitch was on the slower side today as well. It was a great performance from us as Abbott was able to bowl four maidens on the trot, Zampa registered a five-fer, Josh was great as well.
Australia won by 113 runs!

Coming in to chase 195 runs, New Zealand lost Guptill pretty early. After that, Williamson and Conway tried to settle in but never really countered the Australian attack and lost their wickets. After that, wickets just tumbled at regular intervals and New Zealand were eventually bowled out for just 82 runs. The top scorer for them was Santner scoring 16 way down the order.

Early on, Starc and Hazlewood had a great unbeaten 47-run partnership for the final wicket and allowed Australia to go past 190 runs. With the ball, the duo was ruthless as they kept things tight and got wickets upfront. Later, Abbott bowled four maidens on the trot and strapped New Zealand into further trouble.

With all the pressure built around, Zampa got the ball talking and went on to register his first five-fer in ODI cricket. While Starc and Hazlewood got a couple of wickets each and Stoinis got one to round off all ten wickets of the innings.

Australia will be pretty pleased with the performance tonight and will to repeat the same for the final ODI game. Meanwhile, New Zealand surely have their work cut out to avoid a potential whitewash in this series.
Australia registers a comprehensive win over New Zealand in the second ODI and with that, they seal the series 2-0 as well. New Zealand would be mighty disappointed with their batting tonight as they just occupied the crease and did not really show any intent to chase this total down. They lost their wickets eventually and lost the game as well. Australian skipper Finch would be mighty pleased with that effort as everything went according to plan for him.
Adam Zampa: Didn't particularly bowl well, I got lucky with the full toss to dismiss Kane, didn't know if the dew might've played it's part. Feels delighted to wrap up the series and particularly against a no.1 side who have set a benchmark.
Zampa registers his first-ever five-fer in ODI cricket and that seals the win for Australia. Boult was pulling off some funny bits of leg extensions after getting wrapped on the pads almost telling the umpire that the ball will miss the stumps. However, he was unable to escape the trap and lost his wicket right towards the end of that over.
82 /10 score
cricket bat icon Mitchell Santner
16 (29)
cricket bat icon Trent Boult *
9 (12)
cricket ball icon Adam Zampa
5 /35
32.6 Adam Zampa to Trent Boult, OUT! LOUD SHOUT FOR LBW AGAIN, UP GOES THE FINGER THIS TIME! Boult reviews. Good length, turning into Boult on the middle and off, Boult goes down on one knee to sweep but misses, raps on the back thigh and that's crashing on the off-stump. Sincko picks up nothing off the bat. Ball tracking has IMPACT Umpire's call and TWO REDS, that's enough for Australia to seal the game and the series. Has been a abysmal show with the bat for Kiwis, plenty to ponder on how they went about their business!

Trent Boult lbw b Zampa 9 (12b 1x4 0x6)
32.5 Adam Zampa to Trent Boult, OH! Leading edge that falls safely this time, he's living dangerously here. Full delivery on the off-stump, Boult looks to flick it but gets a leading edge into the off-side.
32.4 Adam Zampa to Trent Boult, length delivery on the outside off, Boult plays the inside out shot, lofts it over the covers and picks up a brace.
32.3 Adam Zampa to Trent Boult, ANOTHER APPEAL FOR LBW, UMPIRE IS UMOVED! Drops it short, googly that was turning back into Boult sharply and cramps him up as he misses, thuds on the pad and that was clearly missing leg-stump as well.
32.2 Adam Zampa to Trent Boult, BIG SHOUT FOR LBW, NOT GIVEN! Good length on the off-stump, turning away as Boult sweeps across the line and misses, raps on the pad and that might've been missing the off-stump.
32.1 Adam Zampa to Trent Boult, FOUR! Tossed up a full toss into Boult, he shimmies down the track and hoicks it in the gap, goes wide of the mid-on fielder to his right as well, runs away and picks out the ropes.
The batters manage to get through Maxwell's over and that allows Zampa to register a five-fer if can though. Or maybe Boult has some other ideas, he has shown that he is no mug with the bat either.
76 /9 score
cricket bat icon Mitchell Santner *
16 (29)
cricket bat icon Trent Boult
3 (6)
cricket ball icon Glenn Maxwell
0 /9
31.6 Glenn Maxwell to Mitchell Santner, good length, turning away as Santner presses and cuts it, finds Warner at point for another dot.
31.5 Glenn Maxwell to Mitchell Santner, slides the length delivery into Santner on the stumps, on the backfoot he pushes it to short extra-cover fielder.
31.4 Glenn Maxwell to Mitchell Santner, short on the outside off, Santner looking to cut but ends up chopping it into the off-side.
31.3 Glenn Maxwell to Trent Boult, darts a full delivery on the stumps, Boult on the backfoot clips it to deep square-leg for one.
31.2 Glenn Maxwell to Mitchell Santner, slides the length delivery, from around the wicket on the stumps, Santner on the backfoot punches it to deep covers for a single.