465/10 (170.1)
397/10 & 260/6 (90.1)
Match Drawn
Player of the match: Angelo Mathews
Alright then. Except for the result, we have seen some superb batting performances from both teams and there were some bright sparks on the bowling front too. The pitch didn't break up, so we didn't witness any thrills and spills in the final session of Day 5. Hopefully, that's not the case in Dhaka and we get to see an exciting Test match from Day 1.

Four days to go for the second Test and this series could be decided in the capital. Until then, this is Pragadeesh signing off on behalf of my fellow colleague, Maanas. Goodbye 
Angelo Mathews: Yeah it was disappointing but it's cricket and you have to take it what god gives you (On missing out on 200). It was a batting-friendly wicket but the Bangladesh bowlers didn't give any freebies and for me personally,  I have to work hard and concentrate more as the conditions were hot and humid. Without the partnership, I can't score 199, so credit goes to them (Chandimal and Mendis) and I hope they get a big score in the next match.
Angelo Mathews is the Player Of The Match

The most valuable played award goes to Nayeem Hasan for his six wickets in the first innings
Mominul Haque:  I always smile and I love this game. We played really well with batsmen and the bowlers doing their job superbly. Shakib bowled really well and Taijul bowled superbly in the second innings. Special credit to Nayeem here. Taijul knows his role clearly and he knows the conditions very well. Every time you have to improve at the end of the day and we will do that in batting as well as bowling
Dimuth Karnuaratne: Yeah I think we couldn't do much better in the first innings except Ange getting a double hundred. I think the batters performed really well to put up a big score. I think the fast bowlers did a good job, not easy to bowl on this wicket. The spinners will learn from this match and improve in the next match. I think we wanted to win but if we can play positively we can win. The shot selection was bad from the batters and next time we try to come up with something different. It's difficult to hit in mid-on and mid-offs. They are experienced batters (Dickwella and Chandimal) and they know how to deal in these situations as they have faced this many times.

Time for the presentations
They finally call it off now, since there's no point in extending this match. Dinesh Chandimal and Niroshan Dicwella struck a 99-run partnership and bailed the visitors out of a tough situation. Bangladesh bowlers didn't show any intent in the third session as they started with the pacer Khaled Ahmed at one end, and both the batters were so watchful and negotiated him nicely. 

There was nothing on the pitch for the bowlers to create any pressure, but still, Taijul Islam bowled beautifully and picked up four wickets. On the batting front, we witnessed three outstanding innings from Angelo Mathews Tamim Iqbal and Mushfiqur Rahim as the trio registered a century in this match. The batters enjoyed a lot of success on this wicket, while the bowlers did try their very best but couldn't force a result. 

On a bowling front, a lot of positive can be taken for the hosts as Taijul and Nayeem Hasan were the standout performers, while for the visitors, Kasun Rajitha, who came in as a concussion sub for Vishwa Fernando, bowled with some good pace, and Asitha Fernando complemented him really well.
90.1 Mahmudul Hasan Joy to Niroshan Dickwella, no run, just one delivery needed to complete the required overs in the day - the criteria needed for the game to come to an end - and Joy is brought on to finish off proceedings. The captains have agreed that a result is not possible from this stage and have agreed to forego the remaining overs and settle for a draw! 
Still, there is no declaration and this match could be called off for a day a bit early
259 /6 score
cricket bat icon Dinesh Chandimal
39 (128)
cricket bat icon Niroshan Dickwella *
61 (95)
cricket ball icon Nayeem Hasan
0 /79
89.6 Taijul Islam to Dinesh Chandimal, lovely flight and on the fourth stump line, Chandimal rocks onto the back foot and cuts that towards point. No run on offer there!
89.6 Taijul Islam to Dinesh Chandimal, no run, length ball on the off stump line, Chandimal watchfully blocks that back to the bowler. Well, he has overstepped and will have to re-bowl that!
89.5 Taijul Islam to Dinesh Chandimal, no run, quicker arm ball on the middle stump, Chandimal is bamboozled by it and blocks that. 
89.4 Taijul Islam to Dinesh Chandimal, no run, fired into the blockhole and Chandimal just about manages to get his bat down in time and jam that out. 
89.3 Taijul Islam to Dinesh Chandimal, no run, loopy length ball on the off stump, Chandimal is just a tad early in the defence and pushes that uppishly into the off side. 
89.2 Taijul Islam to Dinesh Chandimal, no run, length ball on the middle stump angling in, Chandimal blocks that into the leg side. 
89.1 Taijul Islam to Dinesh Chandimal, no run, tossed up delivery on the middle stump line, Chandimal gets onto the front foot and defends it firmly. 
Some aggressive intent is being shown by the batters and the runs are coming thick and fast.
88.6 Nayeem Hasan to Niroshan Dickwella, full and onto the pads, Dickwella shimmies down the track and flicks that through the mid-wicket region for a couple of runs. 
88.5 Nayeem Hasan to Dinesh Chandimal, a tad short and outside off, Chandimal rocks onto the back foot and cuts that towards point for a single.