207/9 (20)
187/9 (20)
MS won by 20 runs.
Player of the match: Joe Clarke
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Joe Clarke (Player of the Match): (On the hamstring tweak) I was running with Hilton Cartwright who is probably one of the biggest blokes I've played with (laughs). Hopefully nothing serious. It wasn't ideal being three down and losing three key players but Hilton made it a lot easier for me. To get the score we got from where we were was brilliant. We talked about the Power Surge and when to take it. We took it after the 10th over and it paid off. Someone like Andre's going to be a big miss for any team around the world. We will miss him but hopefully he will play for us again soon.
With that, we come to the end of a high-scoring match in which Melbourne Stars have defeated hosts Brisbane Heat by 20 runs. There were boundaries galore in the match and we witnessed four brilliant fifties. The target of 208 was always going to be tough for Brisbane Heat. But Chris Lynn and Ben Duckett kept Heat alive in the chase with their half-centuries. Lynn hit 57 from 34 balls and Duckett smashed 54 from 35 balls. But once Lynn and Duckett departed, the chase proved impossible for Brisbane Heat. Brody Couch and Qais Ahmad picked three wickets each for Melbourne Stars. 

Earlier, Melbourne Stars ended with a huge total of 207/9 after their quota of 20 overs. This innings of Melbourne Stars was the best example of a See-Saw. Brisbane Heat pushed Melbourne Stars on the back foot inside the Powerplay as they reduced the Stars to just 16/3 in 2.5 overs. Then came the Stars fightback as Joe Clarke and Hilton Cartwright stitched a 151-run huge stand. The two batters in the process completed their fifties. it was carnage while the two batters were out there in the middle. The batters combined to hit eight fours and thirteen sixes. Cartwright was first to be dismissed as he walked back after a brilliant knock of 79 from just 44 balls. Clarke too soon departed the scene after playing an equally thrilling innings of 85 from 44 deliveries. This was the phase when the Heat pulled things back in their favour a bit with a few quick wickets. Toward the end, Qais Ahmad's cameo of 16 from just 6 balls helped the Stars go beyond 200. 
187 /9 score
cricket bat icon Mujeeb Ur Rahman
3 (5)
cricket bat icon Liam Guthrie *
11 (4)
cricket ball icon Andre Russell
0 /22
19.6 Andre Russell to Liam Guthrie, FOUR! TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE FOR THE HEAT! Very full in the channel outside off, Guthrie jams his bat down and bunts a straight drive off the toe-end before mid-on and mid-off give the chase. Maxwell eventually decides to let it go instead of putting in a dive but it wouldn't have mattered either ways. Melbourne Stars win by 20 runs!
19.5 Andre Russell to Mujeeb Ur Rahman, WELL WELL! That's quite the improv from Mujeeb! Brings out a reverse-swat off a full one at the stumps and whips it straight to cover before tearing across for a single.
19.4 Andre Russell to Liam Guthrie, fuller and slower this time outside off, Guthrie reaches out and drags it off the inside edge behind square leg for a single.
19.4 Andre Russell to Liam Guthrie, WIDE! Even shorter this time, well-directed at the stumps and Guthrie shapes for another upper cut but this one bounces well over his head. Russell has to reload!
19.3 Andre Russell to Liam Guthrie, dug short at the stumps, slanting across the batter who crouches low aiming to help it over third man but he fails to ride the bounce.
19.2 Andre Russell to Liam Guthrie, SIX! CLEARS THE ROPES! In the slot but well outside off, Guthrie backs away and brings out a powerful swing over the vacant long on region. He gets enough on it to clear the ropes.
19.2 Andre Russell to Liam Guthrie, WIDE! Slants a length delivery well wide of off, left alone to be called a wide.
19.1 Andre Russell to Mujeeb Ur Rahman, short in length outside off, Mujeeb backs away and hacks it flat towards mid-wicket for one.
Russell to bowl the last over. 
Liam Guthrie, LHB, walks out to bat. 
Qais Ahmad finishes with three wickets to his name. A good spell for the leg spinner. 
172 /9 score
cricket bat icon Mujeeb Ur Rahman
1 (3)
cricket bat icon Matthew Kuhnemann *
9 (4)
cricket ball icon Qais Ahmad
3 /26
18.6 Qais Ahmad to Matthew Kuhnemann, OUT! MAXWELL YOU GENIUS! Incredible take! Tossed up on a length at the stumps, Kuhnemann sits low as he makes room and slogs high aiming to clear long on. He almost has enough distance as well but the Big Show comes in the way, times his leap to perfection and just about holds his balance in front of the ropes.

Kuhnemann c Maxwell b Qais Ahmad 9(4b 4x2, 6x0)
18.5 Qais Ahmad to Matthew Kuhnemann, FOUR! JEEZ, GET HIM UP THE ORDER! Short of a length and flighted at the stumps, Kuhnemann rocks back and pumps it straight over the bowler's head with all might as he nearly hits the ropes on the full!
18.4 Qais Ahmad to Mujeeb Ur Rahman, full and tossed up into the stumps, backs away and swings on the up towards deep mid-wicket for one.
18.3 Qais Ahmad to Mujeeb Ur Rahman, OH! This is a zipper at real pace from Qais as he slides it down leg, Mujeeb fails to get bat on his swing as the ball just takes a bit of pad before Clarke snaffles it brilliantly. A polite enquiry for a catch is made too!