97/10 (16)
103/5 (14.5)
MI won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Daniel Sams
One of the most anticipated clashes in the IPL and it has been far from what the fans expected. Nonetheless, it has been fantastic to watch a match unfold where the bowlers have dictated terms. Barring the early struggles, MI cruised to a win and this loss will end CSK's qualification hopes, however minimal they were, for this edition of the IPL. Right, it has been an absolute pleasure bringing you this game. We hope you enjoyed it! Join us back tomorrow as the Royal Challengers Bangalore take on the Punjab Kings, with both sides hunting for wins. Until next time then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, alongside Sooryanarayanan Sesha, bidding you adieu! Good night! 
Daniel Sams (Man of the Match): The first three games did not go according to plan and I had a little time to reflect on those performances and the performances that I have had in the past, where I have performed well. I just realised that I was focusing on the batter too much and not focusing on my strength. That was what I worked on in the training and it was more about reflection and thinking that I am going to do what I have to do when I come out to the middle. We have different plans for each batter. Moeen Ali is a really nice player and the short ball is one on which he can get a six or get a wicket too. We have been talking about bowling a bouncer to all batters so that they get uncomfortable and do not get on the front foot and smack us for a six. (On batting at 3) I was really excited to get the opportunity. Any opportunity with the bat, more than happy. I would love to. The whole IPL this year has been beautiful to bowl on. It's been really enjoyable. Today's game was bowler-friendly and it is really good to see a T20 game where the bowlers dominate. 
Rohit Sharma (Mumbai Indians Captain): Looking at how the pitch was playing and to lose wickets upfront, there was aa tense moment in the middle but it was just about keeping calm and getting the job done. After losing the wickets at the start, we were just a little calm and got the job done at the end, which was pleasing. We play a lot of cricket at Mumbai, especially at Wankhede. On so many occasions, we have had pitches like this. So it was nice to get the bowlers into the game sometimes. It has been batting-friendly for a while and it was good to see some bounce, some swing to watch from either side. We are keeping one eye on that (shuffling batter order for the future). We want to win games, that is the bottom line but at the same time, we have to try out certain players and give them certain roles. There are option that we want to try. We have two  games to go, you might see lots of options being tried out. (On Tilak Varma) He's been brilliant. Playing for the first year, having such a calm head is amazing. He's going to be an all-format player for India pretty soon. He's got the technique and temperament, which is most important at the highest stage. There is hunger too. He is on the right path. I don't need to talk to him (Bumrah) about what he needs to do. He knows exactly what he needs to do. The roles are different when he plays for India and when he plays here but he's been playing for a long time now. He's (Pollard) has been the stalwart for Mumbai Indians. As I said at the toss, he himself came up with that. If we had any chance to qualify, this wouldn't have happened. But we are keeping an eye on what are the holes we have to fill for next year and Kieron was the one who came up and said that it was fine by him. 
Zaheer Khan (Director of Cricket Operations, Mumbai Indians): Every game is important isn't it? You're out there to experience the thrill of winning a match. That's something we've been talking about especially after the kind of start we've had. It hasn't been an easy season but we've been trying to keep everyone together, keep the processes going and keep the approach towards the game very pure. Great to see things coming together, great to see some swing for the fast-bowlers (grins) and pacers dominating. Overall I felt this IPL was very exciting to start with. A lot of the players who've been part of different franchises have got opportunities and it's great to see so many bowlers putting the batters under pressure. You see the speedometer going higher and higher and it's very exciting to see that each team has got one or two making a big impact. Towards the last leg now - we did try to have a different kind of approach in terms of personnel taking the field, resting a few seniors and trying different players in different positions as well. Even if you've had a tough season the conversation was around giving different players a go, giving them the feel of a high-pressure tournament like the IPL so that they can prepare better. (On Kieron Pollard's contribution to MI and the conversation with him) He's been a real force and has been one of the main contributors towards the success this franchise has seen over the years. He was involved throughout the process right through. He's been part of the think tank for the longest time. As I mentioned towards the back end of the tournament, it was a conscious effort and you've seen some new personnel. As a member of the core group he was on board. It was something that wasn't easy on him but he has made it easy on us. You've seen he's a great team man and the kind of intensity he had supporting the team today has been phenomenal. His contribution over the last 12-13 years to this franchise has been phenomenal.
MS Dhoni (Chennai Super Kings Captain): (On a total of 97) I don't think that's enough irrespective of how the wicket is. Anything below 130 is difficult to defend but what I asked the bowlers to do was show a lot of character, put the opposition under pressure and forget about the result. I thought both the fast-bowlers did really well. I think a game like this really helps them. Irrespective of how we start we need to have the same attitude and that's what you need in the shorter formats. (On the fast-bowling pool in India) It's good to have them - we have gone through periods where we've never had a real extraordinary bench strength of fast-bowlers. Also they take time to mature. If you're lucky you get someone who in six months time can feature in all three formats. That's what the IPL does - it gives opportunities. A lot of them have become slightly more courageous and want to take the opposition head on. As they play more games, they get more and more confident and they execute their plans better. (Positives?) The fast-bowlers - to have both of them bowl really well was a big positive. Not to forget we will have two more fast-bowlers returning next season and we have a couple more up our sleeve. We just want to give them ample time to prepare for what really the IPL holds for them. Quite a few positives to take into the next season but what's important is to fill in whatever gaps are there so that the leakage doesn't happen. (What did he tell the batters coming out to bat with him?) What was important when you're batting under that kind of pressure were the first few deliveries. I was just telling them to be themselves - if they wanted to play their shots I told them to go for it. It was a chance of survival - once they've passed those deliveries they can be themselves. It didn't pay off but at the same time, the opposition bowled really well. A bit of application is needed at times under pressure. Even in the shortest formats you have overs. These are the kind of games you learn a lot so hopefully they're learning with each and every game.
Mumbai Indians 103/5 (14.5) beat Chennai Super Kings by 5 wickets

Tilak Varma 34(32) | Rohit Sharma 18(14) | Hrithik Shokeen 18(23)
Tim David 16*(7) | Mukesh Choudhary 3-23(4) | Simarjeet Singh 1-22(4)

Mumbai Indians complete a straightforward chase but it was not as comfortable as the scorecard would suggest. Plenty of road-bumps on the way en route their third win of the tournament, one which will be special as not only do they exact revenge on CSK but also knock them out of the tournament. 

With the pitch assisting seam bowling as seen in the first innings, the opening pair of bowlers in Mukesh Choudhary and Simarjeet Singh wreaked havoc, getting the ball to nip around and troubled the batters with that. Ishan Kishan and Rohit Sharma walked out with an intent to go after the bowlers and while the former perished in the first over itself, it did not take long for CSK to remove the MI skipper as well. 

Daniel Sams was given a surprise promotion, sent in to bat at three but the Australian could not make much of an impact, failing against the sharp swing of Choudhary. Tristan Stubbs, on debut, had a poor outing and it was perhaps not the best of conditions to make one's debut in too.

What followed was a calm and composed partnership between Tilak Varma and Hrithik Shokeen, as the duo weathered the storm, batted sensibly and almost took MI to victory. With a sound technique, it was a good decision to send in Shokeen ahead of hard-hitters like Tim David and Ramandeep. However, the youngster lost his patience and walked back for a gritty, well-made 18 runs.  

Tilak's temperament was the talk of the night and although the 19-year old got a little lucky on a few occasions, he stole the show with his unbeaten knock which took MI to victory. Tim David joined him and with Moeen bowling, the Singaporean took it upon himself to get the big hits in. A 105-metre maximum finished the game and CSK's hopes of qualification. Back to the drawing board for CSK as they look to sort out their batting woes while MI have given themselves another shot at not finishing at the bottom of the table. 
14.5 Moeen Ali to Tim David, SIX! FINISHES IT IN STYLE! It's a half-tracker on off stump and David pounds it with all might over square leg as he rocks back and clobbers it into the crowd. That is that from this contest and that will be all for CSK's title defence as well. Mumbai Indians beat Chennai Super Kings by 5 wickets with 31 deliveries to spare!
14.4 Moeen Ali to Tilak Varma, shimmies down to the pitch of this full one on off stump and pushes it with ease to long off as Tilak levels the scores!
14.3 Moeen Ali to Tilak Varma, drifting into a good length on middle and off, a hint of turn as Tilak makes room and keeps it out towards cover.
14.2 Moeen Ali to Tim David, tossed up just outside off on a good length, David hangs back and knocks it with a half-punch on the up towards long on before sauntering through to the other end.
14.1 Moeen Ali to Tim David, SIX! SMOKED! Tossed up full outside off, David leans forward and sits on one knee before slogging it handsomely over mid-wicket. He absolutely clobbered that one alright and MI are just one hit away!
Moeen Ali to continue. He will bowl over the wicket to David with a leg slip in place. 

Comfortable for the MI batters and they have not been troubled largely after that initial spell. The runs are flowing and this match is heading towards its foregone conclusion. CSK will have plenty of thinking to do after this match. 
89 /5 score
cricket bat icon Tilak Varma
33 (30)
cricket bat icon Tim David *
3 (4)
cricket ball icon Maheesh Theekshana
0 /24
13.6 Maheesh Theekshana to Tim David, keeps low off a length outside off, David hangs back and punches it to deep point for a lone run.
13.5 Maheesh Theekshana to Tim David, slider on a length outside off. Might have been the carrom ball in fact and it skids through as David fails to connect with his punch.
13.4 Maheesh Theekshana to Tilak Varma, spins away off a good length outside off, Tilak hangs back for a punch to long off as he jogs a run.
13.3 Maheesh Theekshana to Tilak Varma, OHH! Another off-break but on a back of a length radar outside off. Turn and bounce on offer as Tilak looks to dab it late, only to pop it off the leading edge towards deep third man. The batters charge back for the second!
A couple of slips in place for Tilak as Theekshana opts to come around the wicket.
13.2 Maheesh Theekshana to Tim David, quick one on a good length outside off, David hangs back for a punch through the covers and into the deep. The sweeper keeps it down to a lone run though.
13.1 Maheesh Theekshana to Tilak Varma, spins away off a good length outside leg, Tilak hangs back and works it square of the wicket on the leg-side before Dhoni hares towards it and keeps it down to one.